Valedictory Function

The Valedictory Function is a solemn occasion to bid adieu to the senior most students of the school, the batch of Class XII. It is a significant occasion where students walk down memory lane. A feeling of nostalgia pervades the air with students reminiscing about their time spent at school with friends, teachers and peers. These memories leave an indelible mark on every student associated with the school. The function begins with the Academic Procession followed by the presentation of the profile of each student which is read out by the class teacher. Emotions run high as they recall how each child in his or her own inimitable style has blossomed to take on the world. The highlight of this function is the traditional Tilak Ceremony wherein each student is blessed by the Chief Guest, our Executive Chairperson and our Principal. The students leave the portals of the school to conquer the skies with memories of Navrachana etched in their minds forever.