RISE is Navrachana Higher Secondary School ingenious design thinking event organized as an inter-national level competition. Students from all over the country and international school, participate to showcase the projects that they have executed for a social, environmental or a scientific cause. RISE stands for:

  • R: Reflect and Identify an issue or a problem that bothers you or the community.
  • I: Ideate, Innovate and Implement the solution.
  • S: Share your solution with the world and think about sustainability of the project.
  • E: Express the entire design thinking process through a film/power point presentation and create benchmarks for others to follow.

This event encourages students to think innovatively and resolve social, emotional, and community problems. They choose to work in fields like:

  • Environmental Conservation and Sustainable Development Goals
  • Technology and Innovation
  • Community Outreach
  • Mental Health and Social Emotional Wellbeing
  • Gaming for a Cause