Chairperson's Message

We have been through a long and uncertain period of stress and fear, and all of us are glad and thankful that we are back to some semblance of normalcy in our lives.

Schooling has become much more dynamic than ever before, as curricula, teaching methodologies, education policies and aspirations of parents and students keep changing much faster than they did in the past. At Navrachana Higher Secondary School, our constant endeavor is to keep ahead of these changes so that our students get the best education ever and are always several steps ahead of their contemporaries.

These unusual times have thrown up yet another challenge. Never before has teaching learning become so dependent on technology. The strategic use of and access to technology has become imperative in school education today. Blended learning is here to stay and schools that adapt fast will stay on top. We understand this and hence have always prioritized training our teachers for blended and flipped learning.

In the last academic year, the CBSE had introduced Competency-based Education (CBE). This is an unusual but significant step forward. The CBE system has the flexibility to allow students to master a skill or competency at their own pace, and is tailored to meet different learning abilities so that it will definitely ensure better results for our students. A key characteristic of competency-based learning is its focus on mastery. Hence the methodology of Pretest, Teach, Retest will be put in place in our School. Our teachers will adopt different teaching techniques for students in order to facilitate their achievement of mastery.

We hope academic year 2021-22 will offer interesting and positive outcomes!


Best regards

Tejal Amin


Navrachana Education Society