Annual Concert

The Annual Concerts at Navrachana Higher Secondary School are mega events to reckon with. Right from conceptualization to production, this event provides a platform to all teachers and students to grow and develop their skills by leaps and bounds. NSS is a pioneer in School Orchestra, a concept applauded by many famous theatre personalities like  Sanjana Kapoor, Ratna Pathak Shah , Tom Alter, Rahul Bose and others who have presided over NSS annual concerts. Theme based concerts came into practice in the year 1997 with “Krishna Leela”- Ballet, Tagore’s “Where the Mind is without fear”, Shaurya Gaatha, Circle Of Life (Lion King), Vande Mataram, Tatva Gatha, Taasher Desh, Magic Of Music, Ant and the Grass Hopper, Pinocchio, Wizard Of Oz, Alice in Wonderland, The Lion King-A Clarion Call , A Rainbow of Colours and many more. Our concerts boast of 100% participation by students and are entirely in-house productions. The NSS Concerts are the biggest musical extravaganzas of their kind with participation going upto as high as 1100 students displaying their skills on the stage.