Academic Programme

Message from The Coordinator

Navrachana Higher Secondary School aims to create responsible, compassionate human beings, diligent students, avid readers, accomplished sportsperson, artists, and performers. The years in the Foundational Stage are the crucial first steps towards this.

We believe that children learn best when they are happy during the process of learning. We work to ensure that learning is effortless for our children. The Lower Primary pedagogy involves an experiential based learning which draws its strength from immersive experiences that lead to joyful learning.

Students are exposed to a variety of activities to internalise languages, Math concepts and environmental sciences.

Sports, music, dance, and visual arts are an integral part of their learning experience. We also take their social and emotional skill development on priority. Open hour activities, derived from the essence of circle time, help the children to express themselves, collaborate and share ideas.

Our breakthrough with our children comes from the programme PlayStation to PlayGround, which aims at bringing fitness and improving social skills.

We ensure that multiple intelligences and student interest is catered to in our teaching and assessment processes. Assessment is formative, while using a variety of assessment tools. This includes role play, hands on projects, recitation, show and tell among other activities.

Welcome to the Foundational Stage, where learning is fun!

Shalini Moray
Coordinator, Foundational Stage

Message from The Coordinator

Welcome to the Preparatory Stage!!

We believe that it is important to create a passion for learning. Thus, our focus is on arousing curiosity and making the process of finding answers fun. Project and problem-based learning is the hallmark of the curriculum for this age group. This triggers their critical thinking, logical reasoning and problem-solving capabilities.

Our well-trained teachers employ a variety of pedagogical tools like Flipped Methodology, Interdisciplinary Projects, 5E – Exploratory Approach, to ensure immersive learning. Our students are exposed to a variety of real-life learning through educational field trips, excursions, national and international educational and cultural trips. This phase of the students’ academic journey is also devoted to help them identify their potential and work towards realizing it.

A healthy competitive spirit is developed through Inter- house competitions. Our dynamic curriculum involves a variety of Sporting activities, Performing Arts, Visual Arts in addition to literature and sciences.

Students also begin to step into leadership roles at this stage as Class Representatives and Student Council members. Our faculty constantly strives to develop emotional health, social connect, compassion, kindness, sense of responsibility and self-belief through a healthy and safe learning environment.

Gayatri Devliyal
Coordinator, Preparatory Stage

Message from The Coordinator

Welcome to the Middle Stage!!!

In this phase of school life, the preteens and teens require guidance in order to make informed choices about their future, establish healthy social relations and improve their focus and concentration so that academic excellence is within their reach. The school strives to create opportunities for this and help the child recognize the potential within.

Thorough understanding of concepts and widening of the students’ horizons are of paramount importance at this age. Hence, our infrastructure includes Artificial Intelligence and STEAM which is an integral part of our curriculum. Art Integration is a regular feature in our pedagogical planning and our students are thereby encouraged to express themselves confidently. Subject Enrichment activities strongly support the academic program to make it more holistic. Thus, we bring all round development in the learner.

We believe in challenging our students to work on their weaknesses, explore their potential and become masters of their strengths.

Anita Jyothi Nair
Coordinator, Middle Stage

Message from The Coordinator

Here, at Navrachana Higher Secondary school we believe that each child is unique and has inherent potential that can be honed to attain excellence. Therefore, the syllabi at the Senior Secondary stage is designed to nurture a sense of appreciation, enjoyment, and critical vision through structured self-learning methods. It not only includes academic subjects traditionally taught in school, but it also encompasses the totality of experiences that a pupil receives through the manifold activities in the classroom, library, laboratory, studios, playgrounds and in the numerous contacts between the teacher and pupils. This helps to develop a balanced personality and the students are ready to embrace the future.

Acquiring the 21st century skills of critical thinking, problem solving, creativity and innovation, communication and collaboration, digital and media literacy, as well as leadership and responsibility are crucial for students at the +2 level to be able to compete globally. We ensure that these skills are a part of the teaching- learning at Navrachana.

Skill education is the need of the day to prepare our learners for the future. Keeping this in view, the school offers a plethora of skill subjects in order to upgrade the skills and proficiency of the young generation. This helps the learners to be aware and help them to explore various career options available to them.

Moreover, the school endeavors to create independent learners for the 21st century, who can learn, unlearn, and relearn to deal with the emerging challenges that they may encounter.

Anagha Koteshwar
Coordinator, Secondary Stage