Aadhaar Counselling Centre

Aadhaar Counselling Centre is a Guidance and Counselling Centre at Navrachana Higher Secondary School. The Centre works during and after school hours. This centre has a staff of two clinical psychologists, two counselling psychologists, twelve remedial teachers and three shadow teachers.

The Centre imparts Psychological Testing Services, Counselling Services which includes Play Therapy, Behavior Therapy, Group Therapy, Individual Therapy and Family Therapy, Early Identification for Learning Disability, ADHD and other Developmental Disability among young children and Personal and Career Guidance Services. It also offers parenting and youth adolescent support system among adolescents and youths. The School also accommodates children with special needs ( CWSN).

Maintaining, monitoring and evaluating the mental health needs of students, advocating child rights and human rights and parenting tips are a regular part of the wellness and health development programs organized from time to time by the centre.

The team is led by Dr. Jamila Firdaus who has been working with the centre for the past 20 years. A passionate mental health professional, she strongly believes in the advocacy of school mental health and child rights. She is the recipient of the National Award to Teachers for the year 2012 for her exemplary services in the area of special needs and school guidance and counselling services.

School Pyschologists and Counselors on Board

• Dr. Jamila Firdaus – Head Psychologist & Counselor ( Class X-XII)
• Ms. Khushboo Baxi –School Psychologist & Counselor ( Class VII- IX )
• Ms. Shivani Modi – School Psychologist & Counselor ( Class IV – VI)
• Ms. Ruchika Jain – School Psychologist & Counselor ( Class I –III ) ​