The way a teacher relates to a child is fundamental to the child's educational experience. A Navrachana teacher strives to do three things to provide an inspiring, joyful and positive educational experience for the child. The teacher:

  • Values the child unconditionally
  • Gives positive guidance to the child
  • Follows and broadens the child's interests

The support of the teacher gives young children the opportunity to cast aside feelings of insecurity, prejudice and anger, and grow into integrated adults while following their own, individual way of learning. When a child is young, positive experiences go deep and make her feel good about herself. Learning is fun and happy when it develops from the child's own interests. The Navrachana teacher is trained to enter the child's world, to follow and understand his interests, and to expand those interests while providing unfailing support.

It is within the relationship between the teacher and child that learning takes place. The child feels trust and acceptance, and the teacher also shares in the joy of the child's development.