Std XI students accompanied by their teachers Ms. Shailaja Nair (Entrepreneurship) and Ms. Rajwant Grewal (Accountancy) visited Techno Electromech Pvt. Ltd.
(TEPL) owned by Ex students Tej Patel on 25th Nov.2017

















































































































































































Sombre homage to our revered Savitaben

A sombre homage to our revered Savitaben. All of us went down memory lane. Each one narrating the beautiful experiences that we had with our founder.


Exhibition by Bhasha

Students of Heritage Crafts from class 12 Humanities and their teacher Ms. Nigama Kataria visited a special exhibition hosted by Bhasha at Faculty of Finearts on 17th January 2018. They interacted with artisans from 8 states of India, learnt about their traditional handicrafts.


Navrachana School Sama celebrates 69th Republic Day.

Glimpses of the function. Highlights of the day, cultural programme handled by Navprerna students. Job well done.


Spirit of Uttarayan

"Throw your dreams into space like a kite, and you do not know what it will bring back - a new life, happiness, luck, smiles, bonding, new friends." That is what the students of Std I, II & III experienced by flying kites to bring in the spirit of Uttarayan. "Katio Che, Kai - Po - Che" were the words ringing in the air and definitely not to miss til laddoos and chikkis which were shared by everyone. The senior boys helped these children to fly kites.

An awareness session was held to sensitize the students about injuries that the kite strings cause to birds and precautions to be taken while flying kites. They were also briefed to avoid flying kites specially during early morning and late evening when the birds are going to and fro to their nests.
Helpline numbers were also given to the children.
Forest Department 18002332636
Mr. Anil Gohil 9998002401
Mr. Anki Gossip 7874417402
Mr. Shiva Sihanouk 9870095976


on-line gaming stall - test your intelligence


Navrachana Food Fair

Glimpses of Navrachana Food Fair- Zaike ka Safar 6th January 2018.... an evening to indulge in the the pleasures of cross-cultural cuisines... Art... Dances. .. Music... and Games..... and connecting with colleagues ... Golden Jubilee celebrations keep rolling! ...


Swachchata Run

Navrachana Sama's 5th grader Aava Shah is gearing up for the Swachchata Run alongside her father! Great going Aavaa!! Here's to you making running a life long passion!!


Navrachana Sama Alum and MG MOTOR VM 2018

Amit Pathak, Navrachana Sama Alum and MG MOTOR VM 2018 NRI Home coming Run Brand Ambassador visit Navrachana School and inspires our young students!

Looking forward to having you with us at School Alumni Meet 5/6 Jan and at the Marathon on 7 Jan!!


Inter House Clay Modelling Competition.

Inter House Clay Modelling Competition. Classes 4, 5, 6. This took place on 22nd Dec'17. Glimpses.

The topic for them was " expressions". They came up with wonderful ideas and expressions. The winners of clay modelling competition are: 1st Anoushka Konnur- Ruby house 2nd Kavya Tejani- Emerald house 2nd Vainavi Nihalani- Sapphire house 4th Kavya Ranpura- Ruby house


Joy and happiness!!

Joy and happiness!! It was a day of carol singing, dancing, lip smacking Christmas brunch and knowing about the Christmas symbols. Carol singers from the Church were here to sing for us, one of them was our ex-student Mr. Glorius. Regal.

The primary students painted Navrachana red with music & celebrations before they bid adieu to 2017 and ring in the New Year !! Seasons Greetings to all.


Tech Conference 2017

A three day Tech Conference 2017 was organized by UNESCO Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Education for Peace and Sustainable Development(MGIEP) at Visakhapatnam from 16th to 18th December 2017. Mr. Eby Kurien and Mr. Tushar Upadhyay attended the conference on 16th and 17th December. The conference focused on educational technology and digital pedagogies for building peaceful and sustainable societies, towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goal. The conference was inaugurated by the Honourable Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Mr. Chandrababu Naidu.

Eminent speakers like Mr. Sugata Mitra, Anantha Duraiappah, Jordan Shapiro, Bhaswati Mukherjee, Paul Darvasi, Matthew Farber and many more enriched us with their experiences and knowledge in the field of technology. Surely Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality will dominate the education of the future.


Basket ball training

Navrachana School Sama had organized a Basketball Training Camp from 4th Dec to 16th Dec for boys and girls of grade 5th to 9th which is conducted by an International Basketball player, Aaron Govell.

He is a 17 year old basketball player and is passionate about the game. 28 students had enrolled for this training camp.


National Mathematics Day

National Mathematics Day was celebrated on the occasion of birthday of the great Indian mathematician S. Ramanujan

Human chain was made to represent The Hardy-Ramanujan number 1729 by students of class 10 and 11

Class 11 students played mathematical antaksari and scratched their brains in puzzle box event

Std 10 played math relay race and walked through a real mathematical Maze

Std 7, 8 and 9 had classroom activities, which included murder mystery, solving crossword and 3-D puzzles

In addition to the Math Day pictures is a very interesting activity-A Human chain was made to represent The Hardy-Ramanujan number 1729 by students of class 10 and 11

Inter House Flower Arrangement Competition

Inter House Flower Arrangement Competition was organised on 22nd Dec'17. Students came out with beautiful arrangements and ideas. Results are as :-

1st Topaz house Hiya Ray std 6 Anjali Pandey std 5

2nd Ruby house Gargi Kalia Std 6 Prutha Shah Std 5

3rd Emerald house Yushika Gupta std 6 Anoushla Bhoite Std 5

4th Ruby house Dishir Saluje Std 6 Kardam Goswami Std 5


Personal safety or safety in general, being one of the significant issues for all the students, was taken up as a part of "Swachta Swayam se Samashthi Tak" PROJECT on 5th and 6th Dec'17.

Students expressed their views on safety and shared their knowledge with the class.. They were given a worksheet on safety. They then did an activity where they wrote slogans on safety which were put up on the bulletin board.


On 6th of December 2017 students with their teacher Ms. Sumana Chatterjee visited MSU, Department of Geology

On 6th of December 2017 students of
Std 11 Geography students along with their teacher Ms. Sumana Chatterjee visited MSU, Department of Geology. The visit enriched the students with more knowledge on minerals and fossils.Two lecturers from the department -Ms Mitali Trivedi and Ms Ankita Ray took the students around the faculty explaining the geological map of Gujarat, palaeontology, minerals, corals etc. The students also understood the formation of minerals,geological structure,physical characteristic and their uses.

The specimens at the museum were fascinating - fossil of dinosaur egg, tortoise ,wood , shell of gaint snail , jaws of a horse ,huge corals etc. Students learnt to differentiate between igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks. Overall, it was a very interesting, informative and an enriching experience for all.




Std XI students accompanied by their teachers Ms. Shailaja Nair (Entrepreneurship) and Ms. Rajwant Grewal (Accountancy) visited Techno Electromech Pvt. Ltd.(TEPL) owned by Ex students Tej Patel on 25th Nov.2017

Std XI students accompanied by their teachers Ms. Shailaja Nair (Entrepreneurship) and Ms. Rajwant Grewal (Accountancy) visited Techno Electromech Pvt. Ltd.(TEPL) owned by Ex students Tej Patel on 25th Nov.2017

A student reports :
When we the entrepreneurs stepped out of our classes today, we expected and hoped to see and learn something new and out of the box. Mr. Tej Patel made it possible in the best way he could, we not only gained unfamiliar and different knowledge but seeing what we learned in the class being applied in an industry made us relate with the process.

Techno Led is brand under Techno Electromech Pvt. Ltd.(TEPL) which deals with companies such as Panasonic, Polycab, Havells, etc. believes in price, quality, delivery and service.

Mr.Tej explained the parts and the making of the Led lights in the most innovative way, by making us imagine that we were LED lights. He informed us how the Led chip, PCB and mattress, driver, circuit and lenses are used and whether they are outsourced or made in house.

The parts made in house were seen being developed by us as we saw our ex – student in working mode answering our million questions the most patiently he could, the third generation entrepreneur went through nostalgia with his teachers by his side . The values of Navrachana could be seen reflecting as the factory is a fully socially responsible industry.

Taking back visions and motives to achieve something and knowing that one need not wait till the time he/she has finished education to achieve their dream. We absorbed and seeped in the more we could and in the end would like to thank Mr. Tej Patel for this opportunity.



Junior school celebration. #fun filled assembly. #dance and music. Fun facts, medley by subject teachers who rocked the stage and began the day with loads of happiness.



People today are talking about lack of job opportunities in India for the youth, but this is a myth because the 21st century new job prospects are completely different from the conventional careers that our children are exposed to.

This year the Career Fest is scheduled to be held on 30th & 31st October 2017.

30th October, 2017 (Monday)
Career Talks by dynamic experts of various fields to orient and guide students of Class IX to XII for global career opportunities including the latest 21st century careers that students are still not aware of. Some of these career talks will include Liberal Arts and Education, Automobile Journalism, Fashion Industry, Educational Cultural Tourism, Defense Services, Management and HR, Economics, Art Restoration, Cyber Law, Fitness, Content Writing, Public Health Administration and Knowledge Processing and Outsourcing.

31st October 2017 (Tuesday)
Talk by India's leading Defence Analyst and Youth Empowerment & Development expert Major General P. K. Saighal (retired) to address the students and their parents about India's emerging career options. General Saighal is a decorated soldier and has worked extensively in the field of Education and Disaster Management. He is a multifaceted personality who has addressed thousands of parents and students across 20 different states of India. A familiar face on national television, the General has contributed to Nation Building in a variety of ways.



Navratri Sunheri 2017

The Navratri Sunheri 2017- NEXSA, PTA and NSS Garba was an event to remember. The beautifully decorated Garba ground was very inviting and rocked every moment.

Wonderful, melodious music by our very own Ashita Limaye, Sachin Limaye and lovely Kavya was soul rendering as well as heart throbbing that had the audience wooing and dancing with full fervour and gay abandon.

Great event managed wonderfully by the entire NEXSA team the PTA Exec Committee and the eveready to go School team. Superb ideas executed brilliantly .
The happy n joyous mood n spirit set a beautiful tone....Navrachana Sama. rocks !!!!

Wonderful prizes were given away in various categories for the Best Dancer, Best costume for all age groups from tiny tots to senior citizen, Bumper prizes and prizes for Navprerna as well as group prizes were the highlight of the evening. Thank you sponcers for the wonderful gifts.

The evening began with homage to The Father of our nation Mahatma Gandhi, followed by a social message by the Navrachana Swachhata Dal that was "To create a culture of cleanliness"
The Swachagraha Garba echoed the ideology to celebrate Garba in a cleaner and responsible way.


Navratri 2017

Join us for a night of fantastic music, by our very own Ashita Limaye, fellow Navrachanites, Ratri after Navratri.
Book the date: 2nd Oct'17.


Teachers Day Celebrations

A sneak peek into The Teacher's Day Celebration at Navrachana School Sama.

The day started by gathering in the Jr. Auditorium for a brain storming session....
Our Director Bijoya Baksi Ma'am initiated a discussion and debate on the New Blue Whale Game which is posing a threat to young minds.....Teachers brainstormed and gave their suggestions and solutions to combat this menace...
In this new age of technology where information is just a click away...the very role of a TEACHER is challenged....
At Navrachana we believe in trying out something new at every stage...
Being the Golden Jubilee Year was decided to initiate A Three Tier Project ...wherein students would be guided into choosing a right career from multiple options based on multiple intelligence...
After a bubling cauldron we moved to dining hall for breakfast and hurriedly boarded the bus for an extended celebration cum picnic on account of Teacher's Day...
NSS teachers were transported to Laxmi Studio on Ajwa Road..
The teachers had surprises in store for them ....right from putting teachers to task to sell their products to team games to an elaborate spread....everything was worth the time spent together...
The day ended with Best Teachers Award through voting
And cash prizes for different games....
A big thankyou to the Management and Our Light House...Baksi Maam.
Happy Teachers Day to all of you!

Geeta Chanting competition

Geeta Chanting competition was organised by Chinmaya Mission, Vadodara chapter on 31st Aug'17.
Chapter 17.
Venue :Navrachana School Sama.
94 students participated whole heartedly.


A wonderful event awaits for Navrachana alumni


Geetmala vocal music workshop

Glimpse into the short term "Geetmala vocal music workshop. 16th August '17 to 30th August' 17.
Students went through an enjoyable journey of an array of songs. Some devotional, patriotic and fun songs. The performance at the end of the 6 days workshop enthralled the parents.
Music certainly does bring joy and smiles, especially when the presenters are young talented children.


'ARTICULATE' an art workshop

Art Workshop for art teachers at Navrachana School Sama.

' ARTICULATE' an art workshop was conducted by Navrachana School Sama in collaboration with Pitambar Publications on 19.8.17
Resource persons:
Ms. Madhumita Nandi
Ms. Rupani Anand

This workshop focused on integrating art with other subjects.
Art teachers from all over Gujarat attended this workshop.


Tech Navfest prize distribution


The Tech NavFest 2017

The Tech NavFest 2017 was organised at Navrachana School Sama on 5th August 2017. A total of 18 Schools participated in this event. The Tech Wizzers of class IX under the Supervision and guidance of our director Ms Bijoya Baksi and the computer department organised a total of 5 events. A rock solid support was given by the Coordinators and the incharges to make this event a success.

These where Web page design, Certificate design, I.T Quiz, Group Discussion and PowerPoint presentation by the underprivileged children of our school. The events were well executed and managed by the Tech Wizzers. The chief guest for the occasion was Mr Ankur Jain an ex-student of our school.
The overall championship trophy was lifted by NISV.
The event was a grand success.


Model United Nations- MUNs

Everyone desires a world in peace and not in pieces and this is the reason for hosting the 'Model United Nations- MUNs.' The world needs us and we need a platform for solving the issues of the world. MUN gives exposure to the young minds for metamorphosing into Global Leaders who can become flag bearers and lead their nation.
Navrachana School Sama hosted the IHMUN- Inter House Model United Nations on 29-30 July 2017 with 120 students debating on a range of global issues.
There were three committees-
UNSC witnessed heated debates on the topic 'Maintenance of International Peace and security in the Middle East.'
ECOSOC had the agenda of 'Impact of Unilateral Sanctions with special emphasis on Iran, DPRK and Russia.'
UNHRC discussed on 'Human Rights situation in South Sudan and Eritrea.'
All these committees witnessed intense debate by the delegates of different countries. The two day debates witnessed the committees coming out with solutions to these issues.

The Secretary Genral Aayush Shah and the Director General Anirudh Parekh proudly announced the results of the NavMUN Inter House Conference 2017.

*United Nations Human Rights Council*
Co-President: Rajiv Bharadwaj
Co-President: Rhythm Rastogi
Substantive Director: Hritwik Semwal
Best Delegate: Trisha Ajwani, Belgium
High commendation: Anmol Singh, Japan

*United Nations Economic and Social Council*
Co-President: Hritvik Mohan
Co-President: Pratyush Chakraborty
Substative Director: Abhijay Kemkar
Best Delegate: Russian Federation, Khushi Gada
High Commendation: Sweden, Nisarg
Special Mention: North Korea (Abhi Nagori)
United Kingdom (Aanshi Patel)

*United Nations Security Council*
President: Deep Vakil
Vice President: Yashraj Asher
Vice President: Tanay Gandhi
Best Delegate: France, Akshay Purandare
High Commendation: Russian Federation, Samrth Kanungo
Special Mention: United Kingdom, Viraj Shah


Mission Million Trees

Navrachana School, Sama joined VMC's Mission Million Trees drive with great enthusiasm.
The students and teachers along with our Chairperson Ms. Tejal Amin received saplings from Honourable Education Minister Shri Bhupendra Sinh Chudasma during the launch of the initiative on 18th July'17.
The saplings have found their home in the NSS campus. Teachers and students have taken a vow to nurture these plants and all others that we will be planting over the next few days to make this mission successful.


Tech NavFest


Swayam se Samashthi tak

An induction programme based on the Swachchata -"Swayam se Samashthi tak" was organised in the school.
It was attended by the students of grade IV.
They were guided on the principles of 5-S and their responsibilities towards radiating cleanliness from self to the society.



It was our pleasure to have the renowned Kathak exponent Rani Khanam of Lucknow Gharana, amongst us at Navrachana School Sama on 4th July'17 for a Lec -Dem session with the students.

This was a SPIC MACAY project.

Rani Khanam showed some basic steps of Kathak very beautifully, all the hast-mudras ( hand gestures ), depiction of various emotions through the verses of a poem, explained how important is to worship the Deity before any performance.
Seeking blessings from Goddess Saraswati is very important as she is the Goddess of Music n Dance, the basic foot steps of Kathak, the importance of all the accompanying artists for a dance recital & many more nuances & expressions of Dance.
She interacted with the students, asked them questions and also answered their querries about dance.
She performed a Ganesh Vandana followed by a pure form of Kathak style & a Thumri. She Later explained & demonstrated the enchanting aspect of Kathak - " Jugalbandi " with beautiful examples. Jugalbandi is a mute dialogue without verbal conversation, good understanding n a beautiful chemistry between the Dancer & the Tabla artist.
Needless to mention it was a wonderful experience for Navrachanites & for the Performing Art Dept to witness such a Lec-Dem.
Thanks to SPIC MACAY for giving us this opportunity.


Inter-House Illustration Competition Std XI and XII


Heritage International Model United Nations

20 students from Navrachana School,Sama attended the Heritage International Model United Nations organised at Patan on 30th June and 1st July, 2017. The students were accompanied by two teachers Ms. Nigama Kataria and Ms. Esther Ravikumar.
This conference was a part of the World Heritage Volunteers Programme launched by UNESCO to increase peoples' participation in the conservation of the World Heritage sites. Our students bagged 5 out of 8 awards!
Akshay Purandare was declared the Best Delegate, Samrth Kanungo and Vandita Rawat receive High Commendation Award, Nilay Nambiar and Isha Tewari received Special Mention Award !
Kudos to students and teachers !


Swearing in ceremony - school student council. 21st June'17.

Swearing in ceremony - school student council. 21st June'17.

The Swearing in Ceremony of the whopping 55 member Student Council 2017 -18 was held on the 21st of June. It was indeed a heart rendering moment and one of great pride as the out going council handed over charge.

The oath was administered by Director NSS and Acting Principal. The ceremony came to a close with the Dean of Students leading the pledge followed by the school Song and the National Anthem.


Navrachana Sama celebrates Earth Day

Navrachana Sama celebrated Earth Day on 30th June 2017. The event started by invoking the blessings of the Almighty with a special prayer.
The ball was set rolling with a lively introduction wherein the audience was informed of the threat that looms large over our planet. Acting Principal Ms. Smitha Dinesh addressed the students and motivated them to play their part towards this presently elusive utopian world.

This was followed by an acknowledgement to the " Mission Million Trees" project and the distribution of saplings to announce our active participation in this project.

A soul-stirring song was in store to infuse the audience with a sense of responsibility towards the current state of our Environment. Next was a short skit by students of classes 8 to 11 to portray the two contrasting views- conservation and industrialization. A steady rapport was maintained between the audience and the performers by organizing an open forum in which students from the audience presented their opinions on their subject.

The climax of the program was brought on with a beautiful dance on Michael Jackson "Earth Song". The program ended with a pledge administered by NSS Director- Ms Bijoya Baksi to take care of the earth and remain dedicated to it.

Thereafter, a plantation drive was undertaken in the school premises to create awareness.


Inter House competition with Mixed Bag Quiz on 30th June'17.

Navrachana School, Sama conducted an Inter House competition for the Junior school today with Mixed Bag Quiz on 30th June'17.

Enhancing and Enriching themselves with rounds like Heritage, science. Mathematics, General knowledge.
The participants were from Classes IV , V and VI .

The winners were the
Topaz with 18 points ,
1st runners up Ruby 12 points,
2nd runners up Sapphire 11 points 4th position - Emerald 8 points.

Topaz house :-

Ruby House


Student Council: Swearing-in Ceremony 2017

The Swearing-in Ceremony of the Student Council 2017 was held on 21st June 2017


Class X-XII Prize Distribution Ceremony 2017

The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a man's determination, hardwork and perseverance.
The Prize Distribution Ceremony 2016-17 of class X-XII felicitated the students who live by this motto, the students who will leave footprints in the sands of time and the history of Navrachana.

This occasion was graced by the presence of Police Commissioner Shri Manoj Shashidhar, IPS, Mr Sugoor, IFS , and Ms. Subhalakshmi Amin, Executive Director, NES.

The Chief Guest enlightened the students with his words of wisdom. He inspired the students to inculcate the spirit of innovation, ideation, and creation within themselves and brought out the importance of holistic education, critical thinking, and productive analysis. He rightly pointed out that this generation will be the generation that can create, produce and innovate, a generation that will actively process information and not be a passive consumer.
It was a delight to witness the shining faces of the proud achievers as they came up to the dias with a spark in their eyes, and fire in their soul to conquer new horizons and keep the Navrachana banner flying high.


Class X-XII Prize Distribution Ceremony 2017


in Search of Budding Artist


Valedictory Function 2016-17: Yaadein

A grand Valedictory Function for Navrachana Sama's graduating Class of 2017!
Mixed feelings of joy and sadness into the world beyond to pursue their dreams and find their rightful place in the world!
Kudos to Director Ms.Bijoys Baksi, Acting Principal Ms.Smitha Dinesh and all our Co-ordinators, teachers, participating students and staff for making the event memorable for each of our graduates and Parents.
Our Chief Guest, IT entrepreneur Lohit Sahu rightly said "It is amazing to see this bandwidth of talent and excellence under one roof"!
Touching speeches by the Valedictorians Mir and wonderful articulation for each student by the class teacher supported by superb images by our IT club teachers and students, beautifully choreographed dance by our dance teachers Lekha Jagani , Bidisha Rathod, excellent music and vocals, shlokas by our Music teachers Anjana Banerjee, Chirayu Bhole...and students.

Roundedoff by Santosh Tewaris Ma'am's lovely dinner!
Congratulations Class of 2017! Reach for the skies and keep the Navrachana banner flying high!
So proud of each one of you dear children!


Orientation Programme IV-VI

The Orientation Programme for classes 4, 5 & 6 were conducted in the Junior Auditorium on 17th, 25th & 26th of April 2017 respectively.
The Director, NSS Mrs. Bijoya Baksi addressed a large gathering of parents especially on the holistic approach towards education and how Navrachana group of Institutions has made a state wide mark by imparting quality education over a period of fifty years now.
She also briefed the parents about the members of the Management Committee, the Core Faculty members and the Administrative Staff, their various responsibilities and the functioning styles.

Mrs. Gayatri Devliyal, the Section Incharge, Upper Primary introduced her team of teachers before the parents and also briefed them about the Annual Curriculum through a detailed power point presentation. This included various aspects of discipline, STEM education, Co-scholastic activities, academic planning, the assessment pattern, the integrated projects & the educational trips that would be implemented during the ongoing session 2017-18.

Ms. Madhumeeta Majumdar, the Activity Coordinator - junior school, briefed the parents about the various activities carried out right from the Morning Assembly, the Inter house competitions, students' participation at the National and International cultural festivals to major School functions such as the Annual Concert, Sports Day, Fun Fair, Celebrations at school, Vacation Programme and Prize Distribution Ceremony.

She concluded by giving out some examples of ex - Navrachanites flourishing well in their careers, based on their exposure during their school days.

The Annual Prize Distribution ceremony of Classes VII - IX

The Annual Prize Distribution ceremony of Classes VII, VIII and IX was held on Saturday, 22nd April'17.
The NSS PTA President Ms. Sonali Desai gave away prizes to our Scholar Certificate and Medal winners, Inter House Champions and Star pupils. Among those recognized on this occasion were the amazing students who received the hundred percent attendance certificate for 7 years and more. Riddhi Ramchandani came up the ninth time in a row to receive this award.
Kudo to parents and their very deserving children!


Prize Distribution Ceremony, 2016 - 17 Upper Primary section

The Prize Distribution Ceremony, 2016 - 17 for Upper Primary section was conducted on 22nd April, at 10 a. m.

The Chief Guest Mrs. Rajjodevi Gupta, Ex Principal Ekalavya School, Vejalpur, Mrs. Amita Manjhu, the Special Guest and Ms. Subbhalakshmi Amin Executive Director, NES graced the occasion by their esteemed presence and motivated the achievers by giving away the prizes.

The ceremony began with the lighting of the auspicious lamp, followed by a prayer song and dance. Around 130 prizes in various categories that included scholar's certificates, 100 percent attendance, winners of Inter house competitions and Maths Wizard were given away.

The prizes for the special category that included Best Student of the year, PTA Star Child, Budding Environmentalist, award for Misson Swachchta, Creative Writer, Artist and Heart of Gold were given away by the Director, NSS Mrs. Bijoya Baksi.

Parents had gathered in large numbers to witness the show and applaud the Prize winners.

Fashion Fest BIZZARE!

The Fashion Studies students of Navrachana Sama organised the Annual Fashion Fest BIZZARE, an Avante Garde Collection on the 23rd of March' 17. The designs showcased by students were their own creations. A range of stencil designs were displayed in the outfits worn by boys It was a pleasure to see confident boy and girl models walking down the ramp attired in creative, classy, bold and beautiful outfits. The Fashion Show was a true manifestation of the learning that these students gained studying Fashion Studies as a subject . Kudos to our students and their teacher Ms. Riddhi Choksi !!

The Vacation Programme started on 20th March 2017

The purpose is to engage students into learning various skills

Some Glimpses...

Disaster Management Training

Students of class 9, learnt the use of fire extinguisher as a part of their training in Disaster Management and Mitigation. They made and distributed first aid boxes to the students of Navprerna as well as taught them how to use fire extinguisher.

Tour to Aurangabad

Students of History and Heritage Crafts from Class XI-Humanities went on a study tour to the historical city of Aurangabad from 3rd to 8th March. They visited UNESCO World Heritage sites of Ajanta and Ellora, Bibi ka Maqbara, tomb of Aurangzeb and fort of Daulatabad. They also met traditional handloom weavers to understand the process of making traditional weaves of Paithani and Himroo.


Aspects of Abhinay

On 16th Feb'17, an Interactive session was conducted at Navrachana School, Sama, by the Ex-Head of the Dance Dept & Ex-Dean of the Faculty of Performing Arts, M S University, Baroda, Bharatnatyam exponent & Guru Shiromani Padma Bhushan Prof C V Chandrashekhar.

Almost 90 dancers, which includes Sir's own disciples, renowned Gurus, teachers & students of Bharatnatyam from & outside Baroda attended the session. It was a " Dream Come True " for many, specially for the up coming dancers & newly enrolled students in the field of dance.
Though the topic was " Aspects of Abhinay " but at the end, it was much more than that. After the 3 & 1/2 hrs fruitful interactive session everyone went back happy, enriched, empowered & enlightened with the hunger for more learning, curiosity & inquisitiveness.
Sir was on his toes throughout the session as he himself believes in teaching & delivering practically. He started with saying that a dance teacher must not sit n teach. He is an exemplary institution to be followed. He covered various aspects of Abhinay in detail - co ordination of the eyes with emotions, gestures, expressions, foot work, movements, mudras etc so beautifully & minutely. Such amazing experiences are not possible to pen down in words but the ' takers ' of the session must hv become richer with this exposure of life time.
&Lec-Dems & runs his own Dance Institute " Nrityashree " at Chennai.

Such opportunities & learning sessions come seldom in one's life.
Needless to mention that Navrachana Sama was blessed & honoured to have both Chandrashekhar Sir & his wife Smt Jaya Chandrashekhar ( who is also an exponent Bharatnatyam dancer) in the school. The association of Sir & Jaya ma'am with Navrachana school is quiet old n nostalgic.
Navrachana Sama will always cherish this memorable visit in years to come.

A big & huge thanks to Ghargharika & our Dear Tejal ma'am for this visual treat & speechless experience of life time.



Students of V and VI participated in Interhouse STEM education competition based on Engineering on 18th February 2017.

The topic given to them was to make an automated machine that can transfer Garbage from one place to another thereby helping the labourers from handling dangerous waste.
Students created innovative machine using motors and batteries.

Principals and School Leaders from Schools of Vadodara and around with Dr.Gururaj Karajagi

Navrachana Sama hosted a meeting of Principals and School Leaders from Schools of Vadodara and around with Dr.Gururaj Karajagi, an eminent personality in the field of Education.
Dr Karajagi is an independent Education Management Professional heading the Academy for Creative Teaching, Bangalore.
Known for his inspirational talks , Dr Karajagi propagates the belief that the quality of education is just as good as the quality of teachers.
He talked about how fast the world is changing and how teachers need to keep up with the change. According to him there are four factors - Physical, Emotional, Intellectual and Spiritual that should govern our teaching methods.
It was an interactive session where questions were asked and solutions sought

The National Conference for Principals and School leaders

The National Conference for Principals and School leaders was organised at Lakshmi Vilas Palace on the 11th and 12th Feb'17.
To mark the opening of the National conference was a mesmerising dance recital by Kathak exponent Padmashri Smt. Shovana Narayan.
We had Kavya Limaye our singing sensation to chant the shloka and sing the Ganesh Stuti that evening.
The National Conference for Principals and School leaders was a great
success and a learning experience.Eminent keynote speakers like Mr.Thomas Schadler, Dr.Samir Dalwai, Padmashri Smt. Shovana Narayan, Dr.Vijayam Ravi, Mr Syed Sultan Ahmed and Mr.Ashok Pandey gave enriching speeches to the audience.

Kaavya Limaye's first solo concert

Kaavya rocks the stage again!
Insync presents Voice India Kids finalist, Kaavya Limaye in her first solo concert!
Unbelievable voice control, stage presence, versatility, confidence.
Her younger sister 7 year old Pavni Limaye opened the comcert with a wonderful prayer song!
Kaavya has taken her inheritance to another level! Credit to her gurus Deepakji and Navrachana teachers Anjana Banerjee ,Madhumeeta Majumdar too!
Kaavya is destined to fly high!
Navrachana and entire Vadodara is proud of her.

Grade V and VII activity

Students of Grade V & VI had an opportunity to present their year long activities in all subjects based on their curriculum on 28/1/17.
Students worked with great enthusiasm to make it a memorable event

Annual Sports Day 2016-17

After a smart display of marching by the students in their vibrant house uniforms, our principal, Ms. Bijoya Baksi, declared the sports week open. This was followed by a variety of track and field events in which students from classes 1-12 took part. Boosted by the enthusiastic cheering of the houses, the day witnessed some of the seasoned athletes bask in glory and saw some of the budding ones come into light.

Celebrating Navrachana School Sama's Golden Jubilee Year

A spectacular inaugural event graced by the August presence of Honorable Governor of Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh Shri O P Kohli ji! He was full of praise for the holistic education and values at Navrachana!
And Guest of Honour our outstanding Navrachana alumnus Mehul Desai. A digital technocrat, filed the first patent for e wallet in US back in 1989 and hasn't looked back since! So many feathers in his cap!!
Hon Mayor Shri Bharatbhai Dangar and Hon MP Smt Ranjanben Bhatt, MLA Jitubhai Sukhadia, Shri Bhargav Bhatt Shri NV Patel, Dr Jyotiben Pandya, several dignitaries, past and present PTA members, Parents, Teachers, School Heads Jagdish Shuklaand Principals, Alumni attended the program..
The group was set on fire with 1500 students performing together in a stadium type seating all around!! Many thanks to friend Harish Seth, Transtadia!
We alao released a commemorative coffee table book put together by Alok DesaiPrincipal Bijoya Baksi Sandhya Bordawekar Gajjar Shubbu Amin
Kudos to our Principal and Teachers, Staff, Students and Parents! Special our Collector Shri Lochansingh Sehra and Parent s Amitbhai Thakkar, Hemal Mehta !!

CBSE Regional Science Exhibition 2016

Navrachana School, Sama hosted the CBSE Regional Science Exhibition 2016 from 15th to 17th December.
This year the theme of the Science Exhibition was 'Science, Technology and Mathematics for Nation Building'. A total of 82 exhibits from schools of the Ajmer Region participated under sub themes - Health, Industry, Innovation in Food Production and Food Security, Transport and Communication, Innovation in Renewable Resources for Sustainable Environment & Mathematical Solutions in everyday life.
Eminent Educationists had been invited to judge the entries of the Exhibition.
The Exhibition was open to all CBSE Schools of the city on 17th December 2016. This exhibition provided a platform to students display their innovative scientific temper.

Rangoli IHC Competition

Rangoli IHC was held on 14th Dec'2016 for the upper primary section.
40 students participated and following were the winners:
1. MAHEK DAWANI of VF bagged the first position.
2. CHARMY DOSHI of VIA bagged the 2nd position.
3. DEVANSHI DANGAR of VID bagged the 3rd position.

Following were the ranking of the houses :

IHC Flower Arrangement Competition

Students of classes IV, V & VI participated in Inter House Flower Arrangement competition held on 21/12/16.
They came up with highly designed arrangements, using a wide variety of flowers and had kept in mind, the shape, colour and form of the flowers for their arrangement.

Aesthetic sense of students was reflected in this competition.
The judges, Ms Shital Taunk & Ms Priti Gami were highly impressed by the creative and innovative arrangements displayed.

There was a tie for the first position.
The winners were:
1st Position - Sachi Patel VI E Nityaa Patel IV D (Emerald House)

1st Position - Netra Shah VI F & Aum Patel of IV E (Topaz house)

3rd Position - Yashvi Parikh VI B Jahnvi Shah V A (Sapphire House)

4th Position - Ayushi Gaekwad VI F Jiya Rajgor IV A ( Ruby House)


132 students left on 26/11/16 for an educational tour to JODHPUR.
Learning the rich heritage of Umaid Bhavan and enjoying the sand dunes.


Navrachana Sama teachers at the Queens Neon Run !!

Educational Tour,Saputara, a hill station in South Gujarat on 27-11-16

As part of the educational tour, class 4 had left for Saputara, a hill station in South Gujarat on 27-11-16. A team of students and their teachers -Ms.Sunita Sharma,
Ms.Sunita Bagchi
Ms.Minakshi Chawla
Ms.Sanchita Sircar
Ms.Sudha Naddi
Ms.Punam Suthar
Ms.Elizabeth Justin are part of this tour.
Day 1: Today's itinerary - visit to the Bee centre.


CBSE National Table Tennis-2016

The CBSE NATIONAL TABLE TENNIS CHAMPIONSHIP 2016 FROM 24TH NOV'16 TO 28TH NOV'16 has taken a kick start, registrations going on in full swing.

Press conference was headed by Mr. T. Ganesha, CBSE Tournament Director, Mr. Sandeep Gupta CBSE Observer, Mr. Kalpesh Thakkar Secretary T. T. Association of Baroda and our Principal Ms. Bijoya Baksi.



Children's Day Celebrations at NavrachanaSama !
The morning started with special Assemblies in all the sections; Classes 1-3,Classes 4-6 and Classes 7-11 at different venues.
Our Principal said special prayers for the Children, teachers sang songs, conducted fun quiz, had a puppet show and a host of activities for the students.Later in the day students played games and celebrated Children's day amidst a lot of fun and frolic !
Navrachana Grade XI students decided to spend their day with students of Navprerna and make the day special and memorable.
Around 100 students from Navprerna participated in this event. They played games like dog and the bone, khokho, one-minute games etc and spent time bonding and having fun with each other.Teachers of the Higher Secondary Section sponsored the gifts given to Navprerna children.
According to Rhythm Rastogi this was one of the most memorable day in her school life. Such were the feelings expressed from both sides.
NavrachanaSama students expressed the desire to spend Children's Day in this manner every year!



Secondary Section Incharge, Ms. Suprabha Menon and Creative Director, Ms. Kashmira Jaiswal attended an intensive workshop on 'Agile School Leadership' led by Dr. Simon Breakspear at Mumbai on 8th and 9th November, 2016. The conference organized under the Learn Shift India series, by R.N Podar School also dwelled on the New Education Policy focusing on 'Policy to Practice'.



Navrachana School Sama has embarked on the voyage to contribute to maintaining the world peace, which is the need of the hour.
The second edition of Navrachana Model United Nation was held on the 21st,22nd and 23rd of October,2016.

Those daily fierce discussions, hard work and dedication propelled another jump into the expansive realm of creativity,
innovation, passion and essence of the event.This was a student led activity with a 60 member secretariat headed by
Secretary General- Deep Vakil, Director General- Uzma Chasmawala and Charge d'Affairs- Urja Bhayani.

We had 147 delegates from 22 schools all over the country who attended the simulation.

The conference had 5 committees including the International Press with diverse agendas ranging from US Presidential elections to influx of refugees in Europe.
The event focused on building a spirit and substance of these simulations creating an appetite for this activity more commonly known as “MUNFever”.
Our goal was to create inquisitive learners who care for the world from a global perspective and deal with them with vigour.
This helped the delegates delve deeper into specific topics of world issues that are needed to betaken into consideration. It helped them gain international and multicultural exposure through new lenses.

Students of the Nirma Academy, Ahmedabad swept away with the Best Delegation trophy by displaying excellent debating skills.
Become acquainted with diplomacy because here, DIPLOMACY PREVAILS.



The Navrachana Sama Fun-fair on 23rd Oct'16 was a great success with a number of food and game stalls.
The theme was "Eco friendly mela". The mega attraction was the Ramp-walk and the Raffle.

The Ramp Walk- had a whooping number of 140 students from the age of 4 to 7 years participating in the Fancy dress competition, all dressed as flowers, fruits and vegetables and 12 teams of Mom's dressed in attires made out of natural fibres such as Jute, raw silk, linen and cottons.
The highlight of the evening was the live telecast of The Voice Kids and our singing sensation Kavya Limaye was simply awesome. She performed flawlessly and confidently.
Then, there were the Tambola stall, Music stall, where one could sing on the tracks of popular film songs.
The other stalls were Guess the weight of the cake, Guess the cost of the Hamper, Computer games, Art Haat-which had the sale of hand made lanterns, head gears, terracotta jewellery, bags and purses, and the famous Raffle stall.
Navprerna stall had their teachers selling a number of chart varieties and our very own Tewari ma'am's food stall selling hot sizzling wada pau.
The other attractions were the competition for the Best decorated stall, the Best food stall. All in all the fun-fair was a big success.


Heritage Craft

A person without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots. This is happens to be very true for the students of 'heritage craft.'
On 8th November, 'heritage crafts' students of eleventh grade went on to celebrate and discover more about the arts and crafts of India. They went on a field visit to Sejal handicrafts and 'The Indian Handicrafts Fair'. Ms. Sejal of 'Sejal Handicrafts' very beningnantly and patiently unveiled the art of block printing and discharge printing to us. We were lucky to witness 'the execution' of block printed sarees and discharge printed cloths. She also showed us the workplace where every textile got its unique identity. We also visited the 'The Indian Handicrafts Fair', where we got to see ceramic and Terracotta crafts. We also saw brass, steel and glass artistic productions. We then took off to explore more textiles that were from Kashmir, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh and many more places. The craftsmen and salesmen enlightened us with their knowledge and answered our queries readily. This whole field trip was a visual and learning experience for the aspiring 'heritage craft' students. The trip was soaking with knowledge, authenticity and ethnicity which every student gladly absorbed. We hope to go on many more such learning explorations.
Report by Anamika Chaudhuri XI-E


Hindi Shabda Parakh, an Inter House Competition was organised for students of the Upper Primary Section (IV-VI) on 19th October 2016.

The following is the ranking of the houses.
1. Sapphire House
2. Emerald House
3. Ruby House
4. Topaz House.

'A Nine Hour Drama and Theatre Workshop' std IV to VI.

As a part of NERL ; 'A Nine Hour Drama and Theatre Workshop' was conducted by Ms.Kiran Tiwari after the First Term Exams for the students of std IV to VI.

The sessions were loaded with techniques of stage ,body language,connection with the audience, projection, costume and prop making, script writing etc.

The workshop was culminated with a drama presentation wherein children were given an opportunity to apply their learning and learn from each others' strengths. A glimpse of the collage is right here...


A 6-Day 'Theatre and Drama Workshop NERL.

A 6-Day 'Theatre and Drama Workshop was conducted by our Creative Director, Ms Kashmira Jaiswal, under the banner of NERL.
Dates: 26th September to 4th October.

It was an eventful session that culminated in stage performances by the participants. The theme was fairytales and the creative teams gave a twist to the tales, giving them a contemporary ending.

The workshop involved training in monologues and solo performances, pair work, group dynamics, costume and prop design and the grand finale stage performances.


The Regional Symposium on Higher Education organised by ICTRC

The Regional Symposium on Higher Education was organised by ICTRC (Institute of Counsellor Training Research And Consultancy), Delhi, in collaboration with Navrachana School Sama on 30th August, 2016. Under this Project Paradigm, around 16 schools from Vadodara and other parts of Gujarat participated in this Symposium. 800 students and 250 teachers attended the daylong Symposium where Dr.V.S.Ravindran along with 6 career experts from the country took interactive sessions with students and teachers on “Career Guidance related to choosing of right Career”, “Academic v/s Competitive exams – the balancing act “ and “Teacher as a Counsellor”.

Dr.V.S.Ravindran is a renowned expert of national stature in the area of Counselling and Educational Psychology. He is also a teacher trainer and is actively associated with NCERT and many national bodies for training teachers as mentors, life coaches and counsellors.

In his address to the students,Dr.V.S.Ravindranalong with other career experts emphasised the importance of Aptitudes, Interests, Personality and Knowing Oneself thoroughly before choosing a career and making informed choices. His message to teachers and educators was that there is a great need to create a forum for stakeholders to process the dynamics in education and counselling services.

Assertive skills training is the key to success in every student’s life and inculcating values from schools and homes allow every growing adolescent a holistic developmental quotient-says Dr.V.S.Ravindran.

“Additional responsibility makes more 100 Careers for not so fortunate.” – A message for all student’s and youth by Dr.V.S.Ravindran

Navratri Sunhari 2016

What a fantastic end to an epic evening of garba with our amazing Navrachana Family!!! Thank you Navrachana Ex-Students Association - NEXSA
AndNavrachana PTA, all the teachers, students, parents, ex-students and our support and security staff for making this is incredible event!!!! And more importantly, our dear dear ex-student AshitaLimaye and group for the awesome awesome live music!!!!

visited to the Theatre and Drama faculty of Music college M.S. University.

On 29th September students of Secondary section Speech & Drama club visited the Theatre and Drama faculty of Music college M.S. University.
It was a privilege & pleasure to see the 150 years old heritage building of Music College. Children saw the wooden Play Box where ex navrachanite Mr Darshan Purohit, who is a faculty, explained the details of drama & also the history of college to the children.
Ms. Shruti showed the different wardrobes and talked in detail about the creation of costume for different dramas . Our children also got an opportunity to see the rehearsal of a Play 'Palkon mai bhige pal' which was the real treat for them.
We thank Dabhade sir , Sachin sir, Chahvan sir, Darshan P. Sir and of course Shruti for taking keen interest in making this visit informative and enjoyable for our students.
Some glimpses of the visit...

Garba Singing Workshop for students of class1 to class 4

The 6 days Garba Singing Workshop was conducted for students of 1 to 4 from 19th (mon) to 24th (sat) September '16. The workshop ended with a presentation of the Garba songs which they learnt during this session.
The presentation was attended by their parents and a few enthusiastic grandparents too who made it a point to come and listen to their grand children.
The workshop also included breathing exercises, voice training and meditation.
Singing on music tracks is a feature most professional singers do for their stage performances. Special training was given to this group of youngsters to sing on the tracks, and lo! they picked it up in one session.
Ms. Shubhlakshmi Amin-director operations NES, who was present on the presentation day, motivated the students to take advantage of such workshops and participate in them. She further encouraged parents to take up such opportunities of short term but intensive workshops.

Some glimpses of the workshop and the final day.

A Six Hour Communication Skills' Workshop

As a part of NERL ; 'A Six Hour Communication Skills' Workshop' was conducted by Ms.Kiran Tiwari . From 19th to 23 rd Sept'16 for the students of std II to IV.

The session comprised of exciting speaking and listening activities,voice throw, tongue twisters, pair and telephonic conversation, debate, advertising a product,poem recitation,picture talk, activities based on group work and many more.

Have a quick glimpse of the collage where you catch the children in action.

Dr Deepak Mahakul and Dr. Archana Mishra

Dr Deepak Mahakul and Dr. Archana Mishra presented Posters at the 'ESD for transforming education for children and youth' International Conference held at CEE Ahmedabad from 16th to 18th Sept.2016. The conference was attended by delegates of 70 countries.

Garba Singing Workshop - OPEN to ALL CHILDREN OF BARODA!!

DATES: 19th September '16. To 24th September' 16.
Venue: Navrachana School Sama.
Activity centre.
Time: (after school hours)
2:00pm to 3:00pm on all days.
Faculty: Madhumeeta Majumdar
Fees: Rs. 600/-
Registration: Navrachana School Sama.

A session with Shruti Vyas & Mehul Suru both from Performing Arts faculty of M. S. University.

Today, on 14th September the Secondary section Drama & Speech club children had a session with Shruti Vyas & Mehul Suru both from Performing Arts faculty of M. S. University. They talked about Sanskrit theatre and western theatre . Mehul performed some lyrical dialogue from Andh yug & Broadway. Shruti told children how confidence plays a big role on stage. Both were very grounded and excellent. Children enjoyed a lot and found the session very enriching.
Report by Ms. Kamna Gupta ( Club In charge)

Wall Art Workshop

Continuing with my reporting of our series of short term but intensive workshops is the glimpses of the WALL ART WORKSHOP which culminated on 10th September '16.
This workshop which started from 6th September to 10th September had approximately 37 students enrolled for training. This lively group of students simply changed the look of the activity centre. Kudos to you kids and your mentors.
3 more workshops are in line. The details will be put up. Parents may register at the activity centre or simply send the consent slip and fees with their ward.


Navratri Sunahari

"Navratri Sunahari", is being organised on 30th September'16 from 8:00pmto 11:30pm. i.e. 'the Rathi before Navratri' on the School grounds. All students and their families are cordially invited. There will be interesting food stalls on the ground to cater to the tastes of all our participants.
Ex-student, Ms. Ashita Mohite and her husband Mr. Sachin Limaye, who are established artists in their own right, will be the lead singers and will make the event come alive.
Lots of wonderful prizes will be given away to the Best Dancers, Best dressed participants etc.
So looking forward to seeing you all in large numbers on the Garba ground, Navrachana School Sama - 30th September - 8:00pm.


Navrachana wishes all Teachers A Very Happy Teachers Day !

Navrachana wishes all Teachers A Very Happy Teachers Day !
Teachers day this year was celebrated with fun and gusto by our Grade XII students !
The morning began with various activities for teachers like Cricket, Kitna pakaoge(cooking), Purani Yaadein (outdoor games of yesteryears) Karyoke and Quiz.
The cultural event started with old melodies sung by our young singing stars who tugged at the heartstrings of all teachers and received a standing ovation !
Songs, Dances and fun games for teachers marked the event. The highlight was a special dance performance by teachers who were trained by students !
Our Principal Ms. Bijoya Baksi presented the Teachers' awards and the program ended with the presentation of a momento by Batch of 2016-2017 to the Principal .
Some glimpses of the event....more will follow !


Chinmaya Mission


Geeta Chanting competition organised by Chinmaya Mission was held today in the Pre-primary wing of Navrachana Sama. 145 students from classes 1 to 10 participated. Chapter 17 was identified for them to memorise and chant. It was amazing to see many of the students chant the Shlokas with such ease.

It gives us pleasure to see such activities too being organised in the city for school students.
The importance of the Bhagwad Geeta is even more relevant today. The chanting of the Gita Shlokas has always been a constant source of inspiration & Gayatri strength for millions of people all over the world.
Let's have a pictorial glance of the competition.


Members of the Digital Photography

Members of the Digital Photography Club Std 7 and 8 got an opportunity to photo shoot a professional model, Mr Kishan Kumar Jha.The technical knowledge imparted to the students was brought into practice by them.

Mr Dhananjay Moray, Professor, Symbiosis School of Photography , Symbiosis International University Pune , took an informative session with the students. He discussed the tricks of digital photography followed by hands on experience.


The students of the Club Activity - " Chef's Delight Club"

CLUB ACTIVITIES are specially designed activity clubs held twice a week., with a duration of 1.5 hrs each session. These are held for classes 4 to 6, and 7 & 8.

The students of the Club Activity - " Chef's Delight Club" went on a field trip to Hotel Surya Palace to visit the restaurant. They learnt about table layout, different breads, napkin folding, coffee making and visited the live kitchen.

These were students of classes 4,5 & 6, they were excited and had an awesome experience as they interacted with head chef.


Pictorial glimpses of Freedom Run

Dr. Archana Mishra, Ms . Kashmira Jaiswal, Ms. Gayatri Devliyal and Ms. Shalini Moray attended a day long workshop '21st Century Leadership Skills' organised by Global Educators Association for Educational Research and Development (GEAERD)


Workshop '21st Century Leadership Skills'

Dr. Archana Mishra, Ms . Kashmira Jaiswal, Ms. Gayatri Devliyal and Ms. Shalini Moray attended a day long workshop '21st Century Leadership Skills' organised by Global Educators Association for Educational Research and Development (GEAERD)


Students of German language from class 7th, 8th and 9th celebrated German festival

Students of German language from class 7th, 8th and 9th celebrated German festival in the school on 16th August 2016.
Students participated with great enthusiasm and set up exhibition stalls for varous aspects of Germany such as food , interesting facts, history, technology and school system.
Singers and musicians also enthralled the visitors with the symphonies from Mozart and Beethoven and melodious songs.


Inter House Street play Competition

The Inter House Street play Competition was held on Saturday, the 13 th of August .
The topics named 'Ek nazar Idhar bhi' were based on Our Heritage; the four darwajas of walled city Vadodara - Champaneri Gate , Lehripura Gate, Gendi Gate & Pani Gate.
All performances were excellent and with a message to the audience about how important it is to conserve our heritage.
It was liked and appreciated by judges , teachers and students.
1st position was bagged by Emerald house , 2nd position by Topaz house, 3rd position by Ruby house & 4th was Sapphire.
Some glimpses of street play Activity....

Safai Mitras

This is Navrachana Sama calling...Our humble initiative that the students n teachers took on 3 August 2016, while conducting a beautiful event in the School Assembly wherein 13 Safai Mitras were felicitated.....The Safai Mitras who were escorted on to the stage became part of the assembly n prayed n meditated like all the students...After that children greeted them with garlands n they were presented hampers containing 2kg rice..1kg dal 1 lt oil 250 gm tea leaves 1kg sugar n big Parle G bisciut packs...Felt so good doing this ...The special song sung by teachers was so catchy n we will soon be putting it up for everyone....Bijoya Baksi.


160 children from classes VII to X had participated.

Senior Section Creative writing pics..(In English, Hindi & Gujarati.
160 children from classes VII to X had participated.

Indian astrophysicist at Georgia Institute of Technology USA

Navrachana Principal and teachers with Mr. Karan Jani a young Indian astrophysicist at Georgia Institute of Technology USA, known for his work on black holes, gravitational waves, and testing Albert Einstein's General Theory of Relativity.
His talk at Navrachana University on Wednesday was both enlightening and inspiring for everybody present there.
It was a moment of great pride to meet a Barodian of his stature and wish that many more young students achieve such heights.

Heritage walk

Navrachana Heritage Club students were taken for a Heritage walk on 23.7.2016 to the walled city .
Ms. Sandhya Gajjar our resource person who has a deep knowledge about the Maratha history and the Gaekwad's influence on Vadodra took us through a detailed Study Tour....

The objective of this walk was to study the style of art and architecture of the Martha Period and Colonial influence on it.The highlight of the walk was visit to Baroda state library, Record Office, Collector's and Municipal Commisoner's Office (Kothi), Aurbindo Ghosh Ashram and Tambekar Vada which is famous for its wall paintings from 19th century Maratha Tradition.

The purpose of this Heritage Walk was to inculcate in the young minds love for city and to preserve protect and promote the varied heritage of India.


Birth Anniversary of Mendel, the Father of Genetics

Biology students of Class 11 and 12 celebrated a two day Bio Day on 21st and 22nd of July 2016 on the occasion of the 194th Birth Anniversary of Mendel, the Father of Genetics.

78 Biology students conducted Biology related activities in Classes 1 to 10 impacting a massive total of 2352 students ! The project titled 'Inculcating the spirit of Enquiry in Biology across a wide spectrum of students : An initiative by Class 12 students' was designed by 3 Biology students Shreya Kataria, Manisha Asrani and Sanjana Hegde under the guidance of Dr. Archana Mishra.

The learning that took place was immense, both for the Biology students and all the Lower Primary, Upper Primary and Secondary students they interacted with.


Glimpses of Their Visit

Teachers for Global Classroom Program 2016,
Ms. Maya Cunningham and Mr. Christian Smith are hosted by Navrachana School Sama! Glimpses of their tenure in the school.. both are driven by their passion for teaching, globalizing their teaching learning technique and sharing culture!

Ms. Maya Cunningham has created dynamic, culturally driven interdisciplinary music programmes for urban elementary school students, currently teaching at Nalle Elementary School in Washington DC. She received a Bachelor of music degree from Howard University and a Master of arts degree from Aaron Copland school of musical Queens college. She is a jazz vocalist.

Mr. Christian Smith has been teaching strings and orchestra in the Chicago public schools for 20 yrs. He directs 4 orchestras, teaches a computer music technology class and is also on the faculty of the Merit school of musician Chicago.

They are here from 16th July'16 to 23rd July'16. Activities arranged for them include observing classes, co-teaching a lesson, round table meetings with teachers and school administrators, cultural presentations on U. S., participating in student extra-curricular activities and visiting nearby cultural, historical and heritage sites.


Thank you Baksi Ma'am for the initiative...

Sharing sessions were conducted on 12th July'16 from 2:00 pm to 3:30 by our Upper Primary section teachers Ms. Preetha Nair and Ms. Kiran Tiwari on Motivation & Rewards And Techniques of creating Positive Environment in classroom. The sessions were enriching and rekindled the professional ethics and classroom dynamism in teachers. Such sessions serve as an apt platform for improvement and improvisation.

Preetha's presentation was innovative with the use of appropriate props and dramatisational skills which lent that zing and credit to her topic.

Kiran spoke on Techniques of Creating Positive environment in class..Kiran was awesome with her pinch of humour in the session....both were very interactive and thought provoking... Lots of learning by sharing....In all it was wonderful afternoon. PPTs prepared with some good videos on their topics added quality to their sessions.
Thank you Baksi Ma'am for the initiative...

STD V Field Trip

The students of std V visited the Coin Museum on 2nd July'16 as a part of their field trip. The museum has a rich archive of coins dating back from the Mughal times to the present era.

The students was fascinated by the unique collection. It was an enriching experience.

Annual Prize Distribution Ceremony 2015-16

Annual Prize Distribution Ceremony for Classes X - XII. On 25th June 2016. The Chief Guest was Mr. Rakesh Shankar IAS, Director of Municipalities and Managing Director Swachh Bharat Mission.In his very meaningful and insightful address to students and parents he said that...." Each Individual should compete with themselves....And it's the age to redefine oneself to make the best use of time and one's growing and changing interests. A child spends 24, 000 hours in a year at school....And that is how the school and Teachers have a big role to play in their lives. "


Inter House Hindi Drama Competition

On 22nd June 2016, the Inter House Hindi Drama Competition was held in the Secondary Section. The themes given were based on Idioms & proverbs. They were:
1 Ruby House- 'Akela chana bhad nahi fod sakta'
2 Emerald House - 'Ab pachhtay hot kya jab chidiya chug gai khet'
3 Sapphire House - 'Naach na jane aangan teda',
4 Topaz House - Adhjal gagri chhalkat jaay....

All performances were outstanding and were thoroughly appreciated & applauded by judges , teachers & everyone else.
Topaz House secured the 1st position, 2nd position was shared by Emerald & Sapphire and Ruby House stood 3rd.
We are grateful to Dr. Jamila Firdaus, Mr. Ajit Pathak & Ms. Malti Thakur who judged the Plays and our Ex student Aalok Zaveri judged Best Actor & Actress.


Orientation program for parents of Class XI

An Orientation program for parents of Class XI students was conducted today to apprise them of the school policies, academic requirements and expectations from students.


International Yoga Day

The International Yoga Day was celebrated by the Navrachana School Sama on the Jyoti Ground with great gusto and enthusiasm. Students of Std VI to VIII participated in the Yoga Session along with parents and teachers.

The programme was conducted by Meeta Shah from 'Retrofit' along with her team members. Toral from 'Radio City' motivated the gathering by their most popular jingle....rag, ragma ragma, rag, ragma... Vadodara city..... It was... a great experience for one and all as it led to the unity of self ie mind and body. It ended with huge enthusiasm and promise to continue and spread the practise of yoga to keep oneself and dear ones fit.
Presence of Shubhlakshmi Amin - director operations, NES was also very motivating.


First Aid Workshops

A series of First Aid workshops were conducted by Dr. Subroto Das of Lifeline foundation for students and teachers of Navrachana in April and June 2016.

Dr. Roy and his team trained students and teachers to administer first aid , and learnt the do' s and don't s of medical emergencies. A lot of hands on practice of tying simple bandages and how to deal with fractures, burns etc. The highlight of the sessions was learning the correct method to administer CPR to the victims. Some glimpses of the workshop for Senior Section teachers ...


Orientation Std.I 2016-2017

Std 1 Parent's Orientation took place on 9th June'16. The new parents were briefed about the year's curriculum and pattern of study. Parents were very keen and eager to know what their child would study in the big school.


6th & 7th May 2016 Model UN conference

75 students of NSS attended a two day workshop on 6th & 7th May 2016 organised by MUN World India. Students learnt the soft skills required in Model UN conferences. They tried the art of researching, debating, negotiating and convincing. They also had a simulation of Model UN conference.


The Annual Prize Distribution 2016

The Annual Prize Distribution and Academic Exhibition for Std. I, II, and III was held on 29th Apr 2016.This was to appreciate the achievers of the academic year 2015-16.

The occasion was graced by Mr. SharadSinghal, IPS, Suprintendent of Police, Ms.Shubalakshmi Amin, Director Operations, NES, Ms. KhushbooPachchigar, Ms. ShahminaHussain and Ms. MansiShanker.

The ceremony glorified the importance of various fields of school life, be it academic or Co-curricular.
There were 170 prizes that were awarded.Best Discipline, Rising Star, Heart of Gold, Creative Writing, Artist of the Year, Student of the Year, Super Speller and Mathematics Wizard were the highlight of the ceremony.It was a proud moment for all and the event was a grand success !



Workshops on the following topics were conducted for the Primary Teachers on 2nd May 2016:
'Felicitating Participatory Learning Environments Through Reverse Planning' for English, Hindi and Social Studies teachers.

2. 'Encouraging Learners to Think and Talk Maths' for Science and Mathematics teachers.
The workshops were conducted by Ms. RachnaNarang and Ms.VeenaRaizada, from Next Education.
As educators we were exposed to the paradigm shift in education from structured curriculum to skill based to competency development.
The session encompassed an understanding of the teaching-learning process wherein the instructional methods need to equip the students to construct the concepts in the class, the ownership of learning to be given to the learners to "future ready" them.


Glimpses of Prize Distribution

Glimpses of Prize Distribution
Classes 7 to 9.
Date:29th April '16
29th April 2016-the day dawned bright and clear. A perfect day for the Prize Distribution ceremony of classes VII-IX.. The occasion was graced by Ms.Shubalakshmi Amin- Director Operation, NES and Dr.RamGopalMeena – Regional LabourCommissioner,Central Vadodara, BhartiDeketa and Ms.Dipanwita.
The ceremony glorified the importance of various fields of school life, be it academic or Co-curricular. Scholars Gold Award (11), Scholars Silver Award (39), Scholar Award (85), Special 100% Attendance (7) and Exceptional Progress Award (68) were some of the many laurels. Students JubelKurien, PratyushChakraborty ,Krishnanshu Sharma of Class IX were the proud recipients of the Kshitij Award. TanviAgrawal(Class VII), Snigdha Gupta (Class VIII) and PratyushChakraborty (IX) were the Star Pupils for the year 2015-16. The Inter-House activities awards, reiterated the importance of creativity.
The event was a grand success !


Prize Distribution Ceremony Std IV-VI.

Glimpses of the Prize Distribution Ceremony Std IV-VI. Date:28th April '16


Mr. Nilesh Parikh

A sharing session was conducted by Mr. Nilesh Parikh, dance teacher of NavrachanaVidyaniVidyalaya on 25th April '16. It was attended by the performing arts dept staff of all 3 schools i.e. NSS , NVV & NISV. His topic was, "Establishing a balance between Performance and Theory in a teaching curriculum."

He began his presentation with a Ganesh Stuti, and went on to narrate a story of Indra who addressed Nandikeshwar, that he wished to conquer the demon Natashekhar who was equally well versed with dance, and he wished to do so with Bhartaarnavam-the theoretical part of dance.
Both were well versed with the practical aspect of dance and Indra wanted to win the competition through the knowledge of theory which is essential for a perfect and flawless presentation on stage. In this way explaining the importance of theory in performing arts.

Mr. Nilesh mentioned natyaVed, natyashastra, nritya ,nritta, and all 4 types of abhinaya. The nava rasa was well depicted by Ms. Lekha and Ms. Bidisha on stage as it was an interactive session
This was a wonderful initiative taken by NVV, appreciated by all NES teachers.


Heritage Walk

Students of Heritage Crafts from Class XI and XII went for a heritage walk on 23rd April 2016. They surveyed the heritage buildings between the four gates and around Mandvi. During their visit they also surveyed the heritage building of the KothiKachehri and admired its architecture.
Students of class XI and XII Humanities went to see the Heritage photo exhibition inaugurated on the World Heritage Day at The Colloetorate near Kothi cross road.


Mujhe Kya

Navrachana students performed in the TOI Happy Streets event today and got huge appreciation from the citizens of Baroda.

While the little ones mesmerised the audience with their antics and acrobatic displays the older children staged a street play depicting the attitude of the public towards social issues in their street play 'Mujhe Kya' !!


Mr. Viveck Vaswani

Navrachana School Sama, bid adieu to its 2015-16 Std XII batch of 199 students of Science, commerce, and humanities stream. The occasion was graced by Mr. ViveckVaswani, an actor, Director and producer par excellence.

The event was a grand success with innovative profiles of the outgoing batch by their teachers.
April'13 2016......a day which was an amalgamation of joy, bordering on sadness, pride, blessings and good wishes!
Mr. ViveckVaswani spoke on 3 basic guidelines. He told the students never to stop giving, as it would come back to you a 1000 fold from the universe.

Never to stop learning, always be in the student mode, and 3rd, keep praying as it was the best weapon one had.
It was an event that left one and all memories to cherish for a life time.


'Happy Streets' Program

Like all Barodians Navrachana Sama Students and teachers had a great time at the 'Happy Streets' program organised today the 17th of April 2016 by the Times of India .

Creative Writing & Book Designing Workshop

'Creative Writing & book designing workshop ' was a very memorable and fruitful work of our children with renowned cartoonist , story writer & illustrator Mr Aabid Surti from Mumbai. This two day workshop was held in the month of June 2015 but the reward of the good work done by children has come now in the shape of a book named "Nav Creator's.Com" compiled by Ms Kamna Gupta and her team of teachers .
Its a collection of creativity and 100% original work of 50 participants who worked under the guidance of Mr Surti.
The book was released by our Principal Ms. Bijoya Baksi and a copy was given to each participant of the workshop.




A workshop on Flipped Learning

A workshop on Flipped Learning was conducted by Mr. Lohit Sahu, Founder, Director, Phyzok Learning Solutions for the Teachers of Navrachana Sama on 21st March, 2016. The engaging and interactive session was organised to orient and equip teachers to be updated with current pedagogical trends as part of the continuous in-house enrichment programs.


Vacation Programme

Vacation programme begins from 14th March'16 to 22nd March '16. Students can participate in various activities like Cricket, Skating, Basket ball, fireless cooking, drawing, painting, Western dance, photography, Model rocketry, Aero Modellingetc to name a few.

Students will try their hand at these activities and develop their skills.

As a part of the vacation programme, the Public Speaking Group (Senior section) began with skill enhancements like tongue twisters,guidedmeditation,voice throw activity followed by some more activities like Self Introduction,Drama and My Expectation activity through a chart display thus giving the students opportunities for free expression and to enable them to shirk off their inhibition. The session was culminated with a boom of adjectives. Many more to come with immense fun...........


Blessing Ceremony


A 'Blessing Ceremony' was held on 9th March 2016, to bid adieu to the children of Std III. MsShalini Moray, Section Incharge Lower Primary , Class Incharge, Std III, respective class teachers and a class representative of each class shared their experiences with all. Lively dances enthralled the audience.

MsGayatryDevliyal, Section Incharge Upper Primary, along with her team of teachers welcomed the children by applying the 'tilak' and offering 'peda'.Our principal, MsBijoyaBaksi wished the children good luck for their future endeavors and the children graduated very smoothly from lower primary to upper primary.


Women's Day Festivities


Women's Day, 8th March 2016 
Navrachana Gentlemen host a party for the lady staff members !
What a gesture !!

As an extension of the Women's Day Festivities, and a goodwill gesture, an effort was made to bring smiles on the faces of the Navrachana kitchen and cleaning staff. They were transported in the school bus to watch the film Jai Gangaajal in PVR Cinema on 9th March, 2016. And the result is for all to see.... The beaming smiles! Happy Women's Day!


Study Tour to Bhopal from 5-7th March 2016

Students of Class 12 Humanities were taken for a study tour to Bhopal from 5-7th March 2016. 
They visited historically and culturally significant places such as the Bhojpur temple and the Bhimbetka rock shelters. The Taj-ul-Masjid, Moti Masjid and the Indira Gandhi RashtriyaManavSangrahalaya also formed parts of the tour. It was an enriching and highly informative experience for the students, as they got to interact with the rich heritage of the city. They enjoyed thoroughly and gained a lot of knowledge related to their subjects such as History, Heritage Craft, Commercial Arts, Fashion Studies and Graphic Design.


Teachers of Class 10 blessed the students for their upcoming board exams 2016.

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Gratitude is a beautiful emotion, a feeling one must always express.

Gratitude is a beautiful emotion, a feeling one must always express.

The Class 6 Farewell Assembly was conducted by the Junior Prefects on 24th Feb'16. Through a wonderful poem and speech they expressed their gratitude towards all their teachers. They explained their journey of the junior section as 'wonderful & chatpatta'. A poem read out by Nishi Kotia and Naithani on teachers of all seasons expressed their understanding that their teachers will be by their side no matter what.
Srujna and Vedant Thakkar had some wonderful chatpatta thoughts to express. Sanvi Pandey compered the programme smoothly describing the std 6 express is all set to steam it's way into std 7 express.

The orchestra performance by Vraj ,Tanay and Pratham Agrawal was mesmerizing. They were quite expressive about the fact that they will be signing off and moving on to the senior section and humbly sought the blessings from the teaching fraternity.

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at nalanda

Ms. Gita Pathania, Activity Coordinator, and Ms. Kashmira Jaiswal, Creative Director attended the screening of the film 'Rough Book', at Nalanda International School on 13th Feb.2016.
The producer of the film, Mr. Vivek Vaswani held an interactive session with Principals and teachers from various schools, opening dialogue about the topical issues that the Education system faces, and the inspiring teacher who was the protagonist of the film.


Design For Change

As part of "Design For Change", students of Std VIII have been working on a project that would bring about a significant and far reaching change in their lives and in the lives of people around them.

Std VIII B chose to promote sharing of textbooks with twin values in mind - sharing and concern for the environment. This board was put up to raise awareness among students.


Junior Concert 2016

The Community Service Club students of Classes 7 and 8 visited Jalaram Trust and Students of Classes 9 and10 visited Akshaya Patra on the 12th of January 2016.

It was a very enriching experience as they got first hand information regarding the services of NGOs for the less privileged people.
Some glimpses of the visit ....

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The Community Service Club Visited Jalaram Trust

The Community Service Club students of Classes 7 and 8 visited Jalaram Trust and Students of Classes 9 and10 visited Akshaya Patra on the 12th of January 2016.

It was a very enriching experience as they got first hand information regarding the services of NGOs for the less privileged people.
Some glimpses of the visit ....

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Learn and Earn project Class XI Entrepreneurship Students

Entrepreneurship students of Class XI organised and participated in a public sale of products and services as part of their CBSE-prescribed "Learn and Earn" project, which was ceremonially inaugurated by Principal Ms.Bijoya Baksi.

The event featured a wide range of commodities, from bedsheets and comforters to home-made natural sanitisers, and from customised books and bookmarks to designer night lamps. Some also provided services like a photo booth and a consumer care forum. While some adopted the technique of innovation and novelty in their ideas, others reproduced the model of a trading firm, with some goods even at sale on credit.
The event was very fruitful, with next to 100% consumer satisfaction and a sky-rocketing customer turnout with over 300 students and teachers having taken this brilliant opportunity to buy good quality products at reasonable prices!

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Inter house Competition MIXED BAG QUIZ.

Inter house Competition MIXED BAG QUIZ.
Std 4 to 6.
Date: 19th December'15
And the results are:-
1st position---TOPAZ
2nd position---- RUBY
3rd position-----EMERALD
4th position-----SAPPHIRE

WINNERS: 1st Topaz
Khanti Shah
Malay Mishra
Aarya Trivedi.
Aarav Shroff

WINNERS : 2nd Ruby
Kajol Bhattacharjee
Vraj Parikh
Annika joshi
Shubh Advani


AIMA Shaping Young Minds Programme 2016

Interhouse Competitions Rangoli and Flower arrangement
Classes IV-VI.
9th Jan'16.
Navrachana School Sama
Results of Flower Arrangement (IHC) 2015-16.

House Positions
First - Emerald
Second - Sapphire
Third - Ruby
Fourth - Topaz

The winning teams:
First - Emerald House
Janya Shah (VI E) &
Sachi Patel (V E)

Second - Sapphire House
Mitali Rana (VI F) &
Jahnavi Shah (IV A)

Third - Sapphire House
Vanesha Shah (VI F) &
Hiya Rangwani (V B)

Fourth - Emerald House
Heet Desai (VI C) &
Vedant Thaker (VI C)


AIMA Shaping Young Minds Programme 2016

Navrachana students of Class 11 of Commerce and Humanities attended the Shaping Young Minds Programme 2016 presented by BMA and AIMA at Sir Sayajirao Nagar Gruh on 8th Jan. 2016. Personalities Piyush Pandey, Justice N Santosh Hegde and Ambassador Deepak Vohra spoke and interacted with the audience.

Mr Pandey, Executive Chairman, South Asia, Ogilvy & Mather India, obtains his ideas for advertisements from real life experiences. His motto is to 'Be Brave & Take Risks'.

In Justice N Santosh Hegde's words, "Change comes from the society". He encourages people to raise their voice against injustice and is a believer in humanism.

Ambassador Deepak Vohra, Television Personality, says "The Future is Yesterday". Success is a battle between you and yourself, he quoted and believes to have faith in oneself.

Students found it as an eye-opening experience, in Richa Dave's words " it taught us to see our real self and live in the present and not the future."


Inter Class Quiz Competition

Inter class Quiz competition was conducted for our little wonders of std 1, 2 and 3 on 23rd Dec. The topic was festivals put up on the school bulletin board. The kids got inspired to gather lot of information from the boards and enjoyed every moment.

Christmas Celebration

Christmas Celebration in the Junior school on the 23rd of December '15.


Picnic To Vasad Ravines

Standard V went for a picnic to Vasad Ravines where they thrilled to indulge in adventure sports, trek to the river bank,bird watching and danced to some latest numbers.They truly had a blast playing on the lawns,soaked in the natural beauty by just lazing in the sun being together with their friends.
It was indeed a memorable funfilled picnic.


Picnic Time

Students of Std 2 and 3 were taken for a picnic to the Nature Park on 17.12.15.The students enjoyed the trekking, climbing on watch tower, monkey ladder and other adventurous activities.They helped each other on the tricky, muddy and narrow track which had many thorny bushes.
They enjoyed sharing their snacks with their friends and teachers.
It was a wonderful and adventurous experience for the children.


Field Trip - Vidhan Sabha and visited the Infocity Resort

A field trip cum picnic was arranged for class 6 to Gujarat Vidhan Sabha at Gandhinagar on 18th December 2015.

205 students and 9 teachers got the opportunity to visit this historical place. Students were thrilled to know the proceedings of the house. They got to see the :

Legislative assembly at Gandhinagar,

Official Conference room in Vidhan Sabha and visited the Infocity Resort


Movie - The Good Dinosaur

Students of Lower Primary, classes 1-3, were taken for a movie 'The Good Dinosaur.' on 11th December '15.
The movie was about a baby dinosaur reuniting with his family. Children were imbibed with the values of family love, bonding and friendship.


Inter House Competition

22nd December '15

Raga ke Rang, Taal ke Sang"
Classical bandish fused with western and Indian Orchestra.
Emerald house presented Raga Alhaiya Bilawal.
Sapphire HOUSE Raga Kafi
Topaz House put up Raga Bhupali
Ruby House presented Vrindavani Sarang

All four houses gave us a very melodious morning. The judges were Ms. Mitali Natu renowned singer and Mr. Amit Kher an excellent rhythmist.
The winners :
1st- Topaz
2nd- Ruby
3rd- Emerald
4th- Sapphire.


Math Week

Report on GANIT Week (16th -22nd December, 2015)(Class VII-IX Category)

The following activities were done during the GANIT Week Celebration in memory of our great Mathematician Dr. Srinivasa Aiyangar Ramanujan.

Day 1 : We had organized a Math Relay Race for classes 7to 8. Every child was involved in running this race. The classes were divided into groups of eight which comprised the team. The team worked in pairs. The first pair solved the first question and passed it to the next pair and so on to the last pair. The last pair ran with the solved questions and reached the finishing line. The winner was the team with the highest number of questions solved correctly in the least time.

Day 2 : Sudoku Puzzles were enjoyed by students of classes 7 to 9 on this day. Students who were otherwise not interested in the regular Math class took great interest in solving these puzzles.

Day 3 : There was immense excitement among the students of classes 9 and 10 as the task given to them on this day was to solve Math Murder Mysteries. Each class was divided in 4 groups of 8-10 students and were given 4 different murder mysteries to solve.

Day 4 : Students of classes 7 and 8 made brain storming Puzzles and they interchanged and solved the puzzles.

Our GANIT Week Celebration was extended to having the same activities even to our Non- Mathematics teachers.

Day 5 : Students of classes 11 and 12 presented different topics to students of classes 7 to 10 and had Interactive Sessions.

The topics presented were: Maths Paradoxes, Probability in Real Life, Infinity.

Day 6 : Students of classes 10 were given project of the topic Golden Ratio. Discussions were held on this ratio and its relevance to nature, art, etc were discussed.

It was a thrilling experience for all the students as well as the teachers. Students asked for such activities to be conducted frequently. Prizes were also given to the winning teams of group activities on the next day during the assembly. Students and teachers took part in all the activities whole-heartedly.



The students from class 11 who've chosen the subjects entrepreneurship, heritage crafts and political science visited the SEWA branch of Ahmedabad on 19th December. We interacted with various women workers and leaders who talked about the functioning of SEWA and its immense contribution towards empowering women. We learnt various methods by which SEWA helped the women and the different facilities that it provided like credit facilities, education, skill training, employment opportunities and even insurance for them and their families. We visited the bank and craft design workplace. Overall the trip was truly enlightening and inspirational.

The Sports day was held on 10th December 2015.

The Annual Sports day was held on 10th December 2015. Mr.Nimish Mankadiya, an ex-student of Navrachana School, Sama was the Chief Guest.
The Sports Day was enriched with March Past, Track and Field Events and Drills. Ruby House Emerged as the overall champions.

Annual Concert 2015

Saturday night was our Annual Concert 2015. "The return of Tikram and Chakram"; what an evening and what a show! Our students excelled on stage and off it, being involved in all aspects of the show.575 students rocked the stage. 120 students made up the orchestra group. This was an absolute in house production.

This Annual Concert had a very different social message to give. As one can literally see a concrete jungle springing up at a fast pace. Old beautiful architectural bungalows, havelis and sprawling mansions are disappearing and in its place, one now sees commercial hubs coming up and tall, cold, glass structures glaring down. We are losing our heritage buildings and our legacy.

The drama was presented in a comic setting, using ghosts as the characters and as a medium for communicating the message. The script was beautifully written and dialogue delivery was so apt and true to the character.
The music composition was soul stirring and suited every mood of the drama. Costumes, set designing and the lighting too were at its best. Needless to say, this was a total in- house production.

It was an honour to have Shri Rakesh Bedi as the Chief Guest, along with our Chairperson, SmtTejal Amin, other dignitaries, parents and well-wishers; all could be seen enjoying the evening's entertainment.



Mr. Rakesh Bedi

What a wonderful interactive session we had this morning 31st October, with Mr. Rakesh Bedi, eminent film actor, T. V. and theatre personality.

Mr. Bedi in an extremely simple yet innovative style imparted certain acting skills which not only help in reel life but also bring about a great level of confidence in real life.

His simple style, and endearing personality won over the children's hearts. His improvisation activities were a big hit with the participants. Enriching session Indeed!

A pictorial glimpse.


'Corporate Gandhi'- Shri Ratan Tata

Shri Ratan Tata was in Vadodara to receive the Sayaji Ratna Award on 1st December,2015 . This prestigious award was instituted by Baroda Management Association to celebrate the 150th birth anniversary of Sir Sayajirao Gaekwad III and is given to those luminaries who displayed traits similar to those of Maharaja Sayajirao.

Navrachana Students Priyamvad Rai, Itisha Jha, Sristi Garg, Ritika lal, Foram Gohel, Shantanu, Pranav Shrimal, Utkarsh Chaturvedi and Manoj Muttala along with students from various schools and universities of Vadodara got a rare opportunity to interact with this inspirational personality. Mr. Tata himself requested for an informal interaction with the students. There were questions ranging from his student life to business ethics, giving an insight into his life and his method of conducting business.

The interaction was very fruitful for the students as they learnt the most important lessons of punctuality, honesty and not compromising on your principles under any condition, and the most important of all being humble and believing that anything is possible if you have the will and determination to achieve it.


Funfair 2015

Navrachana School Sama held the Funfair 2015 on 20th November 2015. The theme was
"Make In India". It was a grand success.


Clisong ceremoney - Navmun 2015

3rd October 2015
The 2 day committee sessions witnessed a gathering of 118 delegates from 21 schools. 4 committees had agendas ranging from money laundering to women rights to neglected tropical diseases. Every committee was given a crisis situation on the very 1st day.

In ECOSOC the delegates of France , Pakistan and Afghanistan were among the active participants. In UNWRC committee delegates of USA, Russia, and Saudi Arabia added the much needed momentum required to facilitate the debate. The International press deserves a special mention for reports & updates.

The Organising committee exhibited excellent communication skills during the process of registration of delegates and the mailing of necessary updates depending upon the demand of the hour. Preparation of delegate kits, laying out the committee rooms, making arrangements for the opening ceremony and organising the social evenings were agendas of the event management team.

Credits go to the Designing team who worked tirelessly under the able guidance of Mr. Deepak Mahakul our Visual Arts director. Aesthetics and creativity were at the helm with the designing of the navmun logo, the brochures, the banners, certificates, I cards, placards and labels for the delegate bottles. The Marshals and L.O.s along with the hospitality team played the perfect host functioning with regularity and punctuality. It was a delight to have one of the most erudite, knowledgeable and well-read Chief guests - Dr. Subroto Das for our Closing ceremony.


Navmun 2015- For a World in Peace, Not in Pieces

The maiden edition of NAVMUN or Navrachana Model United Nations started off with a bang and ended with a blast. The first day started with a grand opening ceremony that included a parade, cultural performances and informative speeches by the chief guests- Mr. P.C Pandey, Ex- Director General of Police and Mr. Rakesh Shankar, IAS. Then followed the garba event where people danced till their feet hurt.
With 4 committees- The United Nations Security Council, the Economic and Social Council, World Health Organization and the United Nations Women’s Rights Council consisting of 119 delegates of 21 schools from all over India, the conference was a great success. More than 80 students of the host school worked together in order to get the most out of the event.

The next two days were dedicated to quality debate and discussion. But along with educational affairs, there were fun events that took place on 2nd and 3rd October such as the street play- “Mujhe Kya?!” as well as the socials event (a soiree at Joraver Estate) where all the delegates interacted with each other. NAVMUN closed with a short and sweet closing ceremony where Dr. Subroto Das and his wife graced us with their presence as chief guests.

Navrachana School, Sama thanks all schools and individuals who took part in this endeavour and congratulates all the winners. Kudos to DPS, Gurgaon for winning the best delegation award. We extend our hearty gratitude to Shashank Sreedharan for his valuable contribution as the chair of the United Nations Security Council. It was an event to remember. Three days that we will always cherish and about which we can proudly say, “This Gandhi Jayanti, we took a step towards change.”


Sri M's visit to Navrachna School, Sama

ON 28th August 2015
Sri M's visit to Navrachna School, Sama.
Sri M visited Navrachna School Sama after completing the 16km long walk in Vadodara as a part of "Walk of Hope" on 28th August 2015

In his address to students he emphasized on vitality in both teachers and students. He said that education is a dialogue or discussion which shall promote peace, harmony and brotherhood globally.


Life Skills Education Training Programme

22nd August 2015
GyanSarovar- Life Skills Education Training Programme for Teachers and Principals.
A 1 day training programme on life skill education was conducted by Dr. JamilaFirdaus our senior psychologist for 55 teachers and principals under the GyanSarovar CBSE Forum



Visit to the prestigious & esteemed Music College of Baroda, Faculty of Performing Arts, MSU on 22-23 July by the Vocal Music students of std 11th, 12th & the students of DMA classes of 9th std ( vocal, instrumental n dance) Teacher accompanied the students were Ms Anjana Banerjee, Dr Chirayu Bhole & Ms Lekha Jagani. It was an enriching & a wonderful learning experience for our students. Special thanks to the teachers of Music College Mr Rajesh Kelkar, Mr Rahul Ranade, Mr Kedar Mukadam, Mr Janak Jasakiya & all the other teachers who were there throughout with our students & took the children to each n every faculty, classes & explained the cultural history of Music College n Baroda. Also told about the courses available at the Faculty of Performing Arts. Needless to say that the students enjoyed the visit thoroughly.


69th Independence Day Celebrated

The 69th Independence Day was celebrated with much gusto and enthusiasm with a full house turnout. Ms. Bijoya Baksi, Principal NSS unfurled the National flag and addressed the students. She emphasized the youth power and their role in nation building.

Council member Siddhant Buddhadev - Head community outreach too addressed the students.

The cultural programme too was beautifully rehearsed, it was a visual treat.



A team of 19 students from classes 6 to 12 lead by 3 coordinators Ms. MadhumeetaMajumdar, Ms. Gita Pathania and Ms. SuprabhaMenon left for Athens and there after Thessaloniki, Greece to represent India at the International Folk dance and music festival.

IHC Street Play

The Inter-House Street Play Competition'Ajab-GazabBimari'was conducted on 24th July 2015. Four topics 'MujheKya', 'ChaltaHai', 'HoJayega', 'Use Kaho'. The topics given by Ms.Kamna Gupta, Creative Director, were based on the attitudes that people show towards everyday issues. The originally scripted, beautifully staged, powerful and bold performances by students of Navrachana once again proved the immense talentthat our students possess. The scripts of the plays touched upon a plethora of relevant social issues along with a hint of comedy and satire. The energy and boldness portrayed by the students of all four houses brought to light the sensitivity of our students to social issues and attitudes.


Swearing Ceremony

The swearing in ceremony for the newly appointed and elected Student Council 2014 - 16 was held on 7.7.2015. 61 members ranging from the Junior Prefects to the Presidents were sworn in with the oath being administered by the Principal Ms. Bijoya Baksi. The ceremony was flavored with discipline, integrity, leadership and a sprinkling of confidence, grit and loyalty which found vent in the speeches of the Presidents Head Boy and Head Girl. The ceremony as usual stirred the hearts of one and all and came to a close with the School Song and the National Anthem being sung in chorous.

The Prize Distribution Ceremony

The Prize Distribution Ceremony for std X - XII was held on the 20th of June 2015.
Major General K Eswaran Commadant EME School Vadodara graced the occasion with his presence as the Chief Guest.
Ms Sonal Mishra IAS, Director GIPCL and Mr.Aalok Desai President NEXSA were the guests of honour.
Std XII:-
100 % attendance for 8 years goes to Kushang Tiwari

PTA Star Pupil - Rajas Tongaonkar
Special Achievers
1.Krupa Saraiya
2.Kritika Naithani
3.Arjun Tikadar

Pride of Navrachana
1. Jahnvi Patel
2.Purva Shah

These students cracked IIT - JEE Mains
Ziyali Shamsi
Poorva Agarwal
Parth Verma
Onkar Verma
Siddhanth Gangwal
Hitarth shah
Veeral Sheth
Karishma Wadhwany
Talib Bari




The International Yoga Day was celebrated by the students n teachers of Navrachana Sama under the able guidance of the yoga instructor and supportive presence of the principal, Mrs Baksi in the school quadrangle from 7:30 to 8:30 a.m.

Each one present participated enthusiastically and with great vigour. The 'Shav Aasan' Om Vilom' etc created an environment of serenity n divinity.The meditation enabled each one to connect their inner self to d outer world, thus establishing 'Oneness of Life and nature'.



Navrachana triumphs yet again. At the Indian International Model United Nation hosted by Gujarat Public School, Navrachana Sama bagged 10 awards out of 36 as well as the "Best delegation trophy". There were 12 committees in the conference. Navrachana Sama was one of the most active school with 71 students at the IIMUN.

As we won the "Best delegation trophy, ours is the only school in Vadodara that is invited for the mega conference to be held Aamby Valley. We look forward to experience the competition and make another memory.

The winners are as follows
1.Vishwa Patel
2.Rushabh Jajodia
3.Rutvi Dhuvad
4.Manushi Bhatt
5.Sanchita Bhat
6.Aayush Shah
7.Jemit Parikh
8.Utkarsh Bajpai
9.Mrinali Jindal
10.Sahana Iyer


Creative Writing

Our school hosted a 'Creative Writing and Book Designing' Workshop for classes VI, VII, VIII & IX on 26th and 27th of June 2015 .This workshop was conducted by Mr. Aabid Surtiwho is a renowned personality in the field of creative writing, cartoon sketching & painting stories. For the last seven years he has been working as a Water Warrior in Mumbai and his logo is 'Save Water – Save India – Save Earth' He spreads awareness among people through his sketches and stories and for that he works with school children . Through this program, our aim is to provide students, the unique opportunity of enhancing their creative skills through scriptwriting in both Hindi & English and painting.

Aabid Surti is a National Award-winning Indian author who has earned accolades within India and abroad as a painter, author, cartoonist, journalist, environmentalist, playwright and screenwriter besides being a "one-man" NGO out to save every drop of water. He received the National Award from the Government of India in 1993 for one of his books. He has written more than 80 books, including 45 novels, 10 short story collections and 7 plays.

The first day Mr. Surti oriented the children by showing them his cartoon films and talking about his experiences. He paired them into partners and allotted one partner the job of writing the story and other was supposed to illustrate it. The creativity of students was at its peak, they came up with beautiful stories and illustrations much to the awe of Mr Surti himself.

On the second day children created the cover page of the book which will carry the children's work that they did during this workshop. The title of the book given by children is "".

Mr Surti took up stories of students and personally went through the content, guiding and refining their creativity. Students were thoroughly satisfied and proud of their work. The air was filled with the happy buzzing aura of creativity. Children asked Mr. Surti... "Sir ab aap dobara kab aayenge" !


interhouse drama competition -class vii-x

1st Inter House Hindi Drama Comp. for classes VII to X was held on 1st May. Topic were chosen from pauranik charit gatha..
Bhakt Prahlad,
Dhruv tara,
Eklavya &
Lav Kush.
Topaz House stood 1st , and
Sapphire stood 2nd.
Children liked the topics.

Work shop on Ethics in Education

A half day Training Program was conducted for Teachers on "Ethics in Education" by Professor Pushpanadham from Faculty of Education and Psychology, MSU on 2nd May, 2015.

CBSE-National Science Exhibition


Global Young Leaders Conference

Global Young Leaders Conference
Our student Siddhant Buddhdev ( PRESIDENT – Community Outreach ) is participating in Global Young Leaders Conference during 8th June – 17th June.

GYLC is a leadership program organised by Envision EMI Co. in affiliation to/with George Mason University. The program focuses on developing leadership and debating skills of the participants by holding various events like UNSC Simulations and discussions on trending World affairs in areas like world peace, economic and political issues.

Places to be covered/to be visited:
1) Washington D.C.
2) New York City


The Sai Foundation managed by Mrs. Madhumita Pujari organized a smart lite camp for the under priviledged children of the municipal school Atladra.

A 12 day camp aimed at teaching the children basic English through playway method. Classess on art an craft were also conducted( they were taught make paper bags and lot more)

Sessions for puppetry was also conducted..

Mrs. Rizwana Sohel, Mrs. Deepti Srivastav and Mrs. Jaisy vergese were given the opportunity from the school to contribute for the cause.



Navrachana Sama celebrated the International Girls in ICT Day along with Oracle Academy on 23rd April 2015.
Navrachana Sama celebrated the International Girls in ICT Day along with Oracle Academy on 23rd April 2015. The celebration was a real time in a virtual format using Cisco Webex.

Mr.Tushar Upadhyay, Mr. Kapil Kharbanda and Ms.Palak Vanjani lead the session by connecting on Cisco Webex with Oracle Academy. 27 girls from class X participated in the live webcast from Oracle academy between 09:15 am to 12:45 pm. The initiative was aimed at:

  1. Encouraging girls to pursue studies and careers in ICT by providing an insight into diverse careers in the field of ICT.
  2. Enabling girls to become ICT creators by developing their interest in programming and gaming in a fun way.
  3. Motivating girls to think big, achieve big and take up leadership positions in life.
  4. Bringing inspiration to the table by having girls interact with women in position of pre-eminence.
  5. Making a concerted effort in enhancing the digital literacy among girls by engaging them in exciting hands-on activities.


Valedictory function 2014-15
The graduation ceremony of the outgoing batch of 2014-15 was celebrated with great aplomb. The chief Guest of the evening was Mr. S. R. Malik Principal Commissioner Income Tax. Guests of Honour were our very own ex-students Flt. Lt. Jigar Dalsania and Mr. Prakhar Sharma. They spoke to students in a very down to earth manner, which came straight from the heart.

This was largest batch of graduating students with 270 students. The ovation! Principal, Guests of Honor and Chief Guest gave their address, alongwith outgoing president, head girl and head boy.

The graduating batch was blessed on Stage and received their certificates. The evening revelries continued till late with a grand dinner for all students, parents and guests. students were divided into categories according to their strengths and their profiles were read by teachers. The groups were called Trailblazers,Livewires, Avant Garde, Best Sellers, Baazigars, Technoblasters, Fast and Furious and Special 31.

Each teacher described her students, which was supported by an exciting and funny AV presentation of the students, and this added a flavour of fun and smiles all around. The grade 11 students put up a mesmerising dance performance, with a jugalbandhi of Bharatnatyam and Kathak, ably supported by our school musician-students and teachers. It was brilliant and got a standing

“TRIP to the World Book Fair 2015”
Padma Shree Ashok Chakradhar, renowned Hindi ‘Hasya Kavi’ Pankaj Thapa , the great cartoonist from Sikkim Mr. Abid Surti, famous storyteller from Mumbai.… Children took part in Story telling Workshop Students with Singapore writer Sussane.
Ms. Kamna Gupta with students at the World Book Fair        
A team of 4 students Anand Shah, Ruchika Ganwani (Std. 8th ) , Meghan Shah, Utkarsh (Std 7th) along with their teacher Ms. Kamna Gupta visited World Book Fair Pragati Maidan, New Delhi from 14.2.15 to 17.2.15. They got the opportunity to interact with renowned personalities associated with literature like Susanna Goho Quek ( an Artist,Author & Curater ) from Singapore ,Mr. Pankaj Thapa (famous cartoonist) from Sikkim, Renowned Hindi ‘Hasya Kavi’ Padmshree Dr. Ashok Chakradhar, Mr  Abid Surti ( Story teller & Artist) from Mumbai . This entire experience left them spellbound. These Avid readers were besotted  and were awed by the entire display of innumerable books. This proved to be a life time experience for all of them.

The lower primary celebrated the ‘Strengthening Bonds Day’ on 7th February 2015. It was an evening of bonding, fun and frolic with the little ones showcasing their versatility and talents to the awestruck parents. Whether it was Queen of Sheeba or Antakshri, parents participated enthusiastically. An evening spent well living upto the ethos of what Navrachana stands for and in the memory of our founder Smt. Savita Ben Amin.
1 ) Queen of Sheeba - The ‘queen’ demands and we oblige.
2 ) Antakshri - Mile sur mera tumhara.
3 ) Bollywood comes alive - There is an actor within everyone.
4 ) Masters of Ceremonies - The confident orators of Navrachana.
5 ) Choir - Singing out of joy
6 ) Orchestra - Scintillating performance by our budding musicians.
7) Dance - School ki ghanti baj gayi, chalo school chale hum.
8 ) Quiz - Put on your thinking bandanas-It is quiz time now.
9 ) Ramp Walk - Lighting up the stage with the attires.
10) Action song - Shaking a leg to the music.
11) Hindi poem - Aao kavita sunayen
12 ) Group English song - Songs some high notes and some low notes but always a beautiful melody.
13 ) The Beaming Prize Winners

Inter – House Flower Arrangement Competition" & "Inter House IT Quiz Competition
Inter House IT Quiz Competition
(Upper Primary Std. IV, V, VI) 2014-15
Date: 18th February  2015
Rules for selection round:
1. A selection round was conducted by the computer teachers wherein the finalists were selected
2. 3 finalists from classes IV, V & VI are going in for the Final round.
3.The team for the final round has be formed by selecting the student who have scored maximum      
points/marks from each class (IV, V & VI) of respective house.
4. AIM: The quiz was aimed at developing analytical and lateral thinking skills of the students.
5.CONTENT: The quiz will revolve around basic computer fundamentals, information, communication and technology. It will cover history of computers to the latest trends in the Information and Technology field, famous I.T. personalities and their contribution to the I.T. industry.

Inter – House Flower Arrangement Competition
Dated: 31st January 2015
  1. The Flower arrangement competition 2014-15 is scheduled for 31st January 2015.
  2. The participants will be working individually.
  3. Open to all students.
  4. Three best entries from each house will be screened for final judgment on that day.
  5. Duration for preparation is one and half hour i.e. from 8.00 am to 9.30 am.
  6. All the materials (Flower vase, table cloth, pin holder, scissors, flowers, water bottles, foliage etc.) should be brought by the participants.
  7. Flowers and foliage should be brought in their natural forms. (No dry arrangement)
  8. Use of garden flowers/indigenous variety of flowers will be appreciated. Avoid use of expensive and exotic flowers.
  9. Tips for the ‘Flower arrangement competition’
    • Maintain cleanliness while and after working.
    • Arrange flowers and foliage in an appropriate vase.
    • Use water to keep flowers fresh.
    • Height of the arrangement should be one and half times than the vase.
    • Do not use candles close to the flower.


Katha Utsav 2015

E-Waste Management Programme

Sports Day 2014


Funfair 2014
Navrachana Sama, Funfair was held on Saturday, 8th November ’14 on the School Grounds. Our theme this year was “Magical Terrains” which centred around the picturesque topography of different regions of India i.e Mountains, Coastal areas, Plains and Deserts. Exciting prizes were given away awith an extravagant gathering of almost 10,000 people. As always the highlight of the Funfair was FUN, FUN, FUN!!

Career Fest
A two-day Career Fest was organised at Navrachana School Sama from 30th Sept-1st Oct for the students of Classes IX-XII and their parents.

The fest included a Parenting Session by Ms. Ami Patel, Clinical Therapist and Career Guidance Expert from New York as well as career talks on various professions by Eminent personalities and experts from the field of education and different vocations. Students had the pleasure of listening to and interacting with personalities like Mr. Animesh Bhatt from Times of India, Dr.Priya Nair from Flame, Pune, Fashion Stylist Ms. Mitali Ambekar from Pune, Mr. Srinath Achar from JSHM, Ms. Rini Varghese from Indian Airforce, Mr. Ragnesh Kathalia from RCA music school and Mr. Prakash Gowdikar, film maker, to name a few.

Swachh Bharat Swachh Vidyalaya Campaign
On the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, the Government of India launched the Swachh Bharat Swachh Vidyalaya Campaign - a drive to inculcate cleanliness of their surroundings in children at the school level to increase civic awareness. Our Navrachana School, Sama students took this opportunity to include "Vaishnav Jan and Ram Dhun-Raghupati Raghava Raja Ram", some of Gandhiji's favorite songs, in their morning prayers. The prayers were followed by a cleaning activity in the school, which students undertook with a lot of positivity and great zeal.

Empowerment- The need of the Hour.
Workshop on "Empowerment- The need of the Hour."
Navracha School, Sama had the pleasure of having Swami Nikhileshwaranand to talk to our teachers on "Empowerment- The need of the Hour." The enrichment program was organised on 25th September'14.

Joy of Giving
The Community Service Club of Navrachana School Sama, initiated the programme 'The Joy Of Giving' on Friday. This was conducted under the mentorship of Mr. Ghanshyam Pandey, Ms. Moushumi Datta, and Ms. Raksha Sisodia with the students of the club from classes 4 to 10. Clothes, blankets, bedsheets, dry ration and utensils were distributed to the flood affected families of Sama area.

live band performance for Class XI on 20th August, 2014.
Navrachana School, Sama organized a live band performance for Class XI on 20th August, 2014. The Live Jam Group from Delhi conducted a one hour Musical and Theatre Performance through which they sensitized the youths of today about various social issues and self image.

Annual Prize Distribution Ceremony - Class VII - IX

Annual Prize Distribution Ceremony - Class IV - VI

Annual Prize Distribution Ceremony - Class I - III

Valedictory function - Batch 2013-14


Human Chain

Come Navrachanites, Lets join the Human Chain on Sunday, 27th April, 2014 at 6:00pm at Vuda Circle and pledge to VOTE for a better future and a brighter tomorrow!


Sports Day and a Dental Check
Sports Day and a Dental Check-up Camp for Aanganwadi students was organized by the Community Service Club. Cricket Match involving Navprerna - Navrachana students was also held. The students participated in good numbers and the initiative was a big success

Regional Level Science Exhibition - 24th, 25th & 26th April, 2014

Room Single Double
DELUXE 1400/- 1800/-
SUPER DELUXE 1800/- 2200/-
EXECUTIVE 2400/- 2800/-
ROYAL SUITE 5100/- 5500/-
2362259 (Fax)
Single  [1275/-]
Single ,  Double
[1600/- , 1900/-]
2337978 (Fax)
3 HOTEL MINI PALACE Single    [500/-]
Double  [500/-]
Single    [220/- ]
Double   [325/-]
Type of Room         Tariff INR (Single)       Tariff INR (Double)
Club A/C                   6000 + Taxes              6500 + Taxes
Deluxe A/C               5000 + Taxes              5500 + Taxes
Corporate A/C         3800 + Taxes              4300 + Taxes
Executive A/C           2700 + Taxes             3200 + Taxes
Single  [700/- + tax]
Double[900/- + tax]
5 HOTEL SURYA PALACE , SAYAJIGUNJ Deluxe – 2100/- + tax 10% service Charges 8% Luxury fax
Executive  Club
Single  [3750/- + tax]
Double[5000/- + tax]
Standard Deluxe
Single  [950/- + tax]
Double[1150/- + tax]
Standard Deluxe
Single  [2795/- + 5% tax]
Double[ 3245/- +5% tax]
Executive Deluxe
Single  [2995/- + 5% tax]
Double[3445/- +5% tax]
8 WELCOME HOTEL     2330033
9 SAYAJI HOTELS LTD Economic Single  [2050/- + 5% tax]
Executive  Single +  Double
[2400/- + tax]
10 TAJ RESIDENCY Executive Club  [6000/- + tax]
Corporate [4500/- + tax]
11 TULSI HOTEL , PRATAPGUNJ Single    [500/-]
Double  [575/- + tax]
Single   [270/-]
Double  [400/- ]
12 SIDDHARTH PALACE HOTEL Single [1000/- + tax]
Double[1200/- + tax]
Single [700/- + tax]
Double[800/- + tax]

The above rates are quoted as available at the time of printing and are subject to change.


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Ph. 0265 – 2791643 / 2783766, Fax – 0265 – 2780451, e-mail :,


Teacher’s Enrichment Programme

Teacher’s nrichment Programme on
Dr. Dhaval Mody, Adolescent Expert, Director - Vrudhi Research Foundation, Mumbai

Improving Teen Mental Health Workshop was conducted by Dr. Dhaval Mody on 2nd April 2014 at Navrachana School, Sama. The first session focused on Handling Teen Issues and the second session stressed on Effective Classroom strategies. The aspects of the workshop included Understanding the problem, treatment, Steps to be taken, observing warning signs, Teacher Development, Types of Mental Health Problems, Referral process and Talking to parents.  The workshop commenced with Dr. Mody questioning the teachers on issues faced by them in classrooms and stating that teachers need to be more careful now and be in sync with the social changes. Dr. Mody also sressed on the fact that teachers should not tolerate indiscipline but understand their students. Better understanding of the students would enable them to deal with problems effectively.


Navrachana school Hindi Department organized a Hindi Karyashala on 26.2.14.
Topic – Aaj ke sandarbh mai Hindi Bhasha ki Chunautiyan Aur Bollywood ki Hindi ke prabhav se bachchon ko bachana.
Faculty – Dr. Hemant Kukreti ( Associate Professor in Delhi University)


Happy Women's Day 2014

Navrachna Education Inaugural Program of "Golden Jubilee Year Celebrations"

Annual Concert 2014