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Principal required for Navrachana Higher Secondary School, Sama

The Navrachana School , Sama, is 50 years old. It is one of the best schools not just in Gujarat but the entire West Zone (1st in Vadodara, 3rd in Gujarat). The main reason for this excellence is the school’s continuous endeavor to always be two steps ahead of its time, continuously re-inventing itself in every aspect of schooling and management. Every teacher in the School has contributed to this prestigious ranking, bench-marking with the best in the country, both in terms of students and teachers.

The School’s alumni work across the globe in positions of social and corporate leadership. The holistic education it provides helps its students excel in academics, sports, cultural activities and they remain on top in zonal and national competitions. The School has ongoing training programs for its teachers that keeps them motivated, open to learning and on top of their game at all times. It is no wonder that the School has produced two President’s Award-winningPrincipals and one Counsellor.

Navrachana School has had a history of fine and accomplished Principals who have never hesitated to think out of the box, benchmark with the best, are innovative and always on their toes. It is not easy to step in their shoes. However, for the right person, it will be an invigorating and wonderful challenge!

The Principal is the leader who defines the success quotient of the school. So we are looking for a person who

  • must be a visionary and leader of the future, with an ability to understand and respond to evolving changes in education, and creative and innovative in approach to pedagogic challenges.

  • must be an instructional leader of the School, setting high benchmarks, having equally high expectations.

  • must be organized and prepared to deal with any eventuality, and have policies and procedures in place to ensure the smooth functioning of the organization even in time of a difficult situation.

  • must be able to empower others and practice the art of delegation, encouraging teachers and students to express themselves without fear and be a part of the decision-making process wherever possible.

  • must be a balanced person, consistent, empathetic and compassionate, with an ability to motivate and appreciate along with reprimand.

  • must like people and build relationships, and deal with all types of people on day to day basis for any issue.

  • must have the ability to provide solutions to problems, both big and small and successfully deal with people and policies.

  • must be visible, interacting freely with teachers, students and support staff, networking with people from different walks of life, building the school brand.

  • must be discerning, sensitive, hardworking, caring and ready to go the extra mile to keep the School ethos, philosophy and climate intact.

ALL Candidates must apply by submitting the following form by 25th March 2018 - CLICK HERE TO APPLY