The classrooms are airy, spacious and elegantly designed with a child-centric attitude. These are also well equipped to make them imaginative and resourceful to develop their curiosity. Classrooms are distinctively designed for children of different age groups, keeping in mind their activities, priorities, likes and dislikes, making learning an enjoyable experience.

Special Labs (Math Lab, SS Lab, Life skills room) known as Academic rooms are designed for the children to experience the real joy of the subjects as well as to develop a keen interest in them.

Navrachana’s technology aided learning (TAL) program is a world-class comprehensive technology enabled teaching solution with latest teaching resources such as pictures, animation, videos, diagrams and projects. LCD projector / television along with laptop / computer is then used to teach the subjects and topics with the help of these resources.

Benefit of TAL to Teachers: TAL program, since its inception has improved teacher effectiveness in Class and resulted in better academic performance. Technology enabled teaching tools not only upgrades their knowledge and teaching skills but also allows them to keep pace with the educational changes of the world.

Benefit of TAL to Students: Students acquire better understanding of difficult curriculum concepts. The interest level increased as a result of the digital learning resources and self-assessment tools that accentuate their perception results in improved academic performance in their academics.