Adoption of Aanganwadis


2013-14 (First Term)


Teachers of Community Service Club visited different Anganwadis to discuss the activities planned for the year 2013-14 and to enquire about the requirements
(Teaching aids, plates, water bottles etc) of the children.


Four groups comprising 8 to 10 students from standardVI to X along with teachers visited four different Anganwadis to celebrate the Independence Day and Rakshabandhan. The students of Navrachana spoke about the significance of Independence Day and Rakhi celebration, sung song with the little children and demonstrate the art of rakhi making to them.


Navrachana School sama consulted Dr. Sandeep Desai (Ophthalmologist) to take advice for keeping the children of Anganwadis’ eyes healthy. With his guidance the students of our school visited different Anganwadis and addressed the children, parents and the teachers. No such problems related to eyes were found except for one child.

26th October: Three groups comprising of 4 to 5 students of standard X along with teachers visited four Aganwadis to celebrate Diwali. The students of Navrachana spoke about the importance of the festival to the children. The children recited poems and sang songs for the students of Navrachana. Diya painting was conducted as a traditional ritual of Diwali celebration. The children enjoyed the activity and Water bottles-snacks distributed to them.